Monday, 22 October 2012

Star Anise Cider Cup

I thought that in the run up to Christmas I would start popping up the odd recipe that I have made in the past and intend to use and make either in the run up to Christmas or as part of the Christmas food activities themselves.  The reason being threefold, first I need to be able to locate the recipes quickly i.e. all in one place, secondly I like to have a lprinted off list when I am making the same to help with the shopping aspect and also with the making aspect.  Finally I thought you ladies and gents might to share. {A Separate post will be done later which will contain all the Christmas in the one post).

I love hot toddies and I am particularly partial to this little number which combines my love of anise and cider.  Goes down very well on a winter's weekend all I need is the fire to go with it.


1/4 pint /150ml pressed English Apple juice (Copella)
1/2 pint/300ml medium dry cider
1 tablespoon of rosehip cordial
2 Star Anise
1 tablespoon of Brandy or Rum


Heat the apple juice, cider, cordial and star anise in a pan until almost boiling (I have a small slow cooker that I use for this purpose)
Turn off the heat or switch to low and leave to infuse for 5 minutes.  Stir in the brandy or rum and serve immediately

Makes approximately 4 glasses

Enjoy  However make sure you stay in the house and do not drive anywhere as they can be a bit poleu from person to person and we don't want anyone getting into any bother.



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