Thursday, 15 November 2012

Good morning everyone

Good morning everyone from Foggy Peterborough.  I went out last night on one of my spiritual jaunts and ended up going out to Farcet Fen on the Ramsey Road to a local pub.  Was a bit of a pea souper and as it is a bendy road with dykes down the side we decided to travel cautiously.  It was really thick in the Fen and when we came back into Peterborough last night it was very patchy and then just dissipated.  There is something ethereal and creepy about the fog; it masks everything.  Foggy Peterborough though is nowhere near like Foggy Lincolnshire.  When my Nan was with us I used to go and stay periodically with her and on a Saturday night my Uncle would come to take us out to a pub in Louth where there would always be a bit of entertainment on.  Uncle bless his socks has never been the best of drivers and on one of our trips out we came to leave the pub in Louth and it was thick fog.  We couldn't see where we were going and at one point I had to get out the car and walk in front so that Uncle had some visual point of where the road was as it was that bad.  Fortunately it was a quiet country road with hardly any traffic on it, but deep dykes all the same.

Mention of Louth brings me on to welcome my newest follower Dom of who is a Foodie, reporter and writes regular articles for local publications and runs his own public events business,  Please make him welcome (I know you will),

Right folks I had better get a wriggle on and get myself motivated for the rest of the day.

Catch you all soon (I am at home tonight that will be a novelty)

Take care

Love and light to everyone



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