Monday, 19 November 2012

More Home Made Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas, and Christmas decorations and I must say I am not impressed withe Christmas decorations this year in the Queensgate Centre.  Normally there is a central display but this year nothing looks as though they have cut back on things bearing in mind the economic climate at the  moment, but they normally manage to put on a good display.  I really liked last year's decorations they were really effective.  Here are a couple of the ceiling lights from last year


I have even looked around the shops in town there are one or two nice decorations and the ones I was particularly interested in from Marks and Spencers seem to have gone already they were wooden  miniature trees and I was quite taken with them but thus far I haven't been able to find any for sale.

I have found this lovely little ornament made out of natural things that greatly fits in with my style of things for this year that is simple homely and made with whatever you have around you.  Its a lovely little tutorial and I thought you ladies might also like.   I have plenty of cinnamon sticks (small size to use) its just the bigger ones I need.

Right am off to get ready for bed.

Catch you soon



I have part worked my cinnamon candle will show photos later on

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