Saturday, 8 December 2012

Good Evening

Hello and good evening everyone sorry I have been away for so long I had hoped during this week off that I would have been able to get on more regularly and pop some posts up, but the best laid plans of mice and men.  This week was ostensibly to get the house ready for Christmas - I have another week off commencing this Friday coming, but I had hoped to be well along the line with the Christmas preparations than I am and it is not because I haven't been bogging in and not working. I haven't stopped.  I have been getting up at normal time all week!  We have had one fly in the ointment though OH has been very poorly with this Novo virus infection - lets just say he has spent quite a bit of the week closeted somewhere!  Excuse the subtle pun.  Trouble is when you have this you have to stay in and not go anywhere so that the infection does not spread elsewhere.  You cannot even go to the Doctors.  OH had a telephone appointment with our regular GP who confirmed that is what he has.  Fortunately matters have settled down and he should be returning to work on Monday morning; he has to be clear for 48 hours before he can go back and past couple of days he has been okay.   I am just hoping that I do not get it and of course we haven't been able to go anywhere near my mum bless her heart.  I am sure she thinks we have gone off of her.

One thing I have managed to accomplish completely is the ironing pile plus I am up to date with all the washing, blankets, quilts, anything that hasn't moved has been bunged into the washing machine (that's what happens when I get it into my head that everything needs to be sorted).  And I have refound the bath!  Whoopee guess who is going to have a nice long soak tomorrow night.  

Today Most of the decorations have been retrieved including the tree although we may have to go back to the storage unit next Saturday if I cannot locate the tree decorations.  OH seems to think they are in the back bedroom and I am not so sure.  I have a lot of lovely decorations but this house is not big enough to display them all.

I have found several nice bits and pieces this week on the linen front at the charity shop several small tray cloths at 50 pence each which I am going to turn into cushion covers/nightdress cases or hankie cases, but the piece de resistance was a full size super king quilt for £15 just like new as though somebody had bought it and then decided they didn't like it;  the quilt has now been laundered and aired and is now over the top of my duvet. very chuffed with it.  It is lovely and warm (with my hot water bottle as well without being too heavy).

Squeak approves too she has been camped out on the bed most of the day.

I mentioned the other week that I had put my toe through one of my super king sheets boy did I ever but not all is lost I intend to salvage what I can to make a valance for the bottom of the bed in the spirit of waste not want not.  I have another one of these sheets that I have done the same too so there should be plenty of fabric, and may be some left over for me to back up some of the tray cloths that I obtained earlier in the week.

The Turkey is ordered and the Rib of Beef for Boxing Day when Mum is coming for dinner.  Just have the rest to sort out night I think there might be a few late nights along the way.  I am only working four days this week and I am out three nights this coming week socialising as well.

Right upwards and onwards

Catch up with you all again soon



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  1. Hope OH is fully recovered, sounds like he's really gone through the mill :o( I certainly hope he hasn't been 'generous' with the bug..
    I'm trying very hard to join into the spirit of the season, we've been out collecting holly and greenery today, weather permitting I may just get my door wreaths made tomorrow.
    Keep well Trishia, and don't worry about not posting - we're all in the same boat!
    Rose H


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