Monday, 3 December 2012


Well its been a busy few days here  and I still seem to be no further forward although I have located my fancy cake pans (well a couple of them at least) and I have found my chocolate moulds, and ginger bread cutters and snowflake cookie cutters so I am well chuffed about that.  Mind you we nearly had a cave in with the boxes locating them.

Earlier on today I paid a visit to the charity shop round the corner from where I live and I have managed to pick up quite cheaply three  flat sheets which will be very handy for backing a quilt(s) in the future. A yellow double sheet, a willow coloured single sheet and a double peppermint green sheet together with a very colourful tea towel, and about four tray cloths which are going to be re-found and turned into something else in due course.   I also picked up a gorgeous gold coloured tablecloth, the tray cloths and tea towel were 50pence each and the double sheets £2 each and £1.50 for the single I have lots of ideas for the future and am currently in collate mode where I am collecting colourful old tea shirts (destined to be made into a rug), jeans for a clippie rug,. Old woollen skirts and woollen fabric destined to be turned into a throw/blanket.  All items have been washed and dried and I have just ironed them.  I love crafts and making something unique out of what to all intents and purposes is just a load of old tat really appeals to me. I have also managed to get into the drawers that hold some of my fabric stash so I am hoping to start on one of the quilts over the Christmas/New Year period. I have also located some more wool so I will be able to do a bit more to my biggest blanket which is about three quarters done and which I refer to as my rainbow blanket.

I have also decided that next year early on I am going to tackle some of these UFOs and hopefully get them completed and put up out the way so that I can start some new projects that I have my eye on.  I do need to go and get my eyes tested though.

This evening I have been doing a bit of ironing, still have a little more to do but  have sat down for a few minutes break as my back on my left hand side and my achilles tendon in my lower right hand leg are giving me some jip despite having sprayed them.

Right upwards and onwards catch up soon



P.S.  Since this post earlier on in the week I have paid a visit to the charity shop again.  How extravagant three times in a week.  Normally I only get to go on a Saturday as I am usually working and they are closed by the time I get home in the week.  Yesterday I picked up a super king sized quilt which is a double sided one can use it either way in pinks and greens which are the colours of my bedroom.  It looked brand new and the price was only £15 the make says Hamilton McBride.  It is also shaped at the corners so I think it will fit well on my wrought iron bed which has a top headboard and  footboard, I am well chuffed with it and it has already been laundered (my new washing machine accommodates large quilts like this very easily and it has been in the tumbler and is now airing.  So I feel really lucky.  I am continually on the look out for warm quilts, blankets, and throws as when it is cold you can pile everything on and get nice and snuggly.

I have also managed to pick up some lemons and some limes for making lemon curd and lime curd and if I get chance some grapefruit curd and cordial. (Have yet to get the grapefruit but they were pink and they were seriously eyeing me up yesterday).

Right must dash have a front room to get cleared of the ironing pile which is now very much concluded.  Needs putting away now.

Catch you later




  1. Hi Pattypan, when you get time would you be able to tell us how you make your rugs please.
    Hoping your back feels better soon.
    Love Linda xx

  2. Will get back to you soon Linda

    Take care




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