Saturday, 15 December 2012

Panettone and Torrone

I love Italian goodies like Panforte, Ricciarelli, Amaretti, Panetone, Torrone., Mostarda da fruita..... sounds very sexy before we realise what in actual fact we are eating and then it does not fail to disappoint.

OH has received a lovely present from his new employer (apparently every member of staff gets this at Chrismas) a Pannetone and a bar of Torrone (Nougat).  The parent company of the firm he works for is Italian and apparently they ship in from Italy these items for every member of staff ( and its a large Pannetone in a lovely big box which is designated to be recycled into a hat box for my closet  with some additional decoupage additions -  everything has potential in an effort to waste not want not).  

Pannetone can be used in several ways.  I intend to get a couple of pots of Christmas Compote from M & S to serve with this  (Next year I intend to bottle my own) and some cream but it also makes a delightful bread and butter pudding.  It would also be ideal to serve with home made Rumptopf or Hodge Podge or with some home made syrups..  One way or the other every little bit of it gets used up one way or the other. 

The one we have received is nice and deep and when I was in Marks and Spencers today they were selling them only half the size.

The Torrone I am very fond of anyway as I love nougat of any description.

I think we are very lucky.

I have managed to put a few more bits and bobs up today under the stairs in readiness for the Christmas celebrations the bulk of the shopping will be done later on in the week.

Catch you soon


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