Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday catch up

Well that's the first few days back to work out the way - next week is going to seem a long old week as I have the first full week since the November back at work.  

After my earlier post which was predominantly drafted on Wednesday evening today just got better and better;  the sun came out and really cheered everyone up at work we were even having a laugh and joke.There was a stunning sunset as well; I do love beautiful pictures and the colourings were so vibrant with the sun set tonight it is very uplifting.  Surprising what a bit of sunshine does. 

 I have also got some evenings out to look forward to in the next few weeks and I do like to go out especially when it involves being with really good friends; friends where you don't have to explain yourself who love you just as you are warts n all friends as I call them.  

I have a discussion group to go to on Monday which will be the first get together for the New Year

On Tuesday I have a Reiki share evening which I am very much looking forward to. I like going out and about.

 I think the fog has lifted  this time I am certainly feeling a bit brighter and of course I am home now in the warmth.  The animals have all crashed out lovely bunch and the love they give is so unconditional.  Nothing better.

 I have a lot to do this weekend although I shall pace myself and only do what I need to do. I am also hoping to have a bit of play with some of my craft stuff and I also intend popping to the Charity shop to have a browse.  Still after shirts and I want to see how the Manageress of the Charity shop is as she had surgery just before Christmas.  She is a lovely lady, so much so the children from the local Junior School all made cards for her because she had helped in sourcing some costumes for their Christmas panto.  I was there when they dropped them off to her and it was so lovely.  The innocence of children.

I was going to have a lay in tomorrow but I think I am going to get up usual time and then have a lay in on Sunday morning as I want to do some housework and get what decorations I did have out put away.  One of them is a wooden tree (from M & S) and I am going to take a template of it and pass it on to my friend's husband so see if he can make use of it for one of their boot fairs prior to Christmas later on in the year.  His hobby is wood turning which goes very well with her needlework and between them they have created some lovely things.

On my walk home this evening I was only thinking that I had not heard from the hospital with a review appointment and when I got in there was an envelope waiting for me with an appointment at the end of February.  I also need to make an appointment to see the chap at the hospital for some replacement insoles as well.  Must pop that in my to do list for next week.  I have a nice pocket diary that is slowly getting filled up which was a pressie and I have also bought a new big page a day diary for my household records so to all intents and purposes I have the tools now to get organised now I have ust got to do it.

Am off to snuggle and get warm despite having the heating on my feet are frozen.   Me thinks the hot water bottle is coming out.

Catch up soon



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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome in your previous post, I'll look forward to dropping in to "visit" you in 2013. I'm glad you're feeling a little brighter & I hope your feet are thawed out!


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