Friday, 25 January 2013

More Snow

Just when I thought it was all over and had a more manageable day walking to work today (Most of the snow and the compacted ice had disappeared apart from in the car park at work) where most of us have managed to slip on during the course of the week.  I poked my head out the door to see if I could see the moon and found more snow falling thick and fast there is already a medium coating of snow after only a couple of hours.  Oh well its wellie boot weather again.  They have a lovely grip on the snow but boy even with socks on my tootsies are going blue.   Fortunately I do not have to walk to work tomorrow but I do have to be up early as the boiler is due its annual service tomorrow  and the chap who comes to do it is due around 10:00 am.  I have a big pile of ironing to do so might keep myself occupied with that whilst he comes to sort things out.

I am off to a fair tomorrow evening where I will be doing some Reiki so it looks as though it is going to be a busy day.  OH is at home this weekend for a change.  Hopefully be able to catch up sometime during the course of tomorrow.

Take care




  1. Hope you are ok? Noticed you haven't posted for a while.
    Oddny x

  2. Just popped by with the same sentiments as terriersintiaras!! Hope you OK. Regards Heather

  3. Missing you xx Linda


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