Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Evening Catch up

Boy hasn't it been cold today.  Too blooming cold.  I have had a lazy weekend for me I have not done very much apart from crotchet, some washing, and I cooked tonight's tea.  So it has been quite a relaxed day.  For the best part I have closed myself in the front room and kept this room warm.  Even Missy has abandoned her master in the computer room and is sat on the back of the setee hogging the radiator.  She like me does not like the cold.

 It is when we have weather like this that I wished I had a log fire/log burner here.  I was having this coversation with my mother earlier on and she asked if we would put one in here; but it will not happen here due to it being a rented property, it is an old house (over 150 years old) and where the landlord has not kept the maintenance up everything has been done on the cheap and nasty and I think there could well be hidden problems and I do not think the landlord would countenance it in any event.  So the log fire/open fire will have to go on the wishlist  for the dream house that has not yet materialised.  If it is your own house and there are problems then you put them right as you go along no matter how much it costs.

For this evening's dinner I have not done a roast like I normally do but a chicken stir fry padded out with carrots, leek, cauliflower, broccoli, some crystallised ginger, chilli sauce and a sweet and sour sauce served with white basmati rice cooked in the microwave. A change but still very tasty.

Whilst preparing dinner I had quite a bad attack with the Raynauds syndrome with both my hands and my feet.  losing the circulation and my hands going puce then purple and slowly the circulation comes back again.  It is painful at the time of the attack but soon passes.   This is one of the reasons why I have to keep warm.  Can't you tell its winter.  The Aran jumpers and the thick socks are coming out for my walk to work tomorrow.  I am supposed to be out tomorrow evening weather permitting.  I think it will depend on whether we get the snow.

At least it is cosy here in the front room.

Right am going to do a little more crotchet and then get my clothes ready for work tomorrow and get my hair washed and dried before going up the stairs to Bedfordshire (Hottie Bottie is coming up tonight as well).

Catch up soon but please keep safe and warm




  1. Ooh Raynauds is nasty! I sympathise as I get it too - hope you are ok now xxx

  2. Sorry to hear about your Raynauds attack. If you feel another one coming on, try making a ginger tea with root ginger and pouring it into a bowl in which to soak your hands for ten minutes. This should improve your circulation and bring the heat back.

    1. Hi Sarah

      Thanks for popping by and thank you for the advice I will certainly try that one. I quite like ginger tea in any event and have a few nuggets of crystallised ginger every so often. I will certainly try this as I believe in natural methods wherever possible and in self help. Thank you much appreciated.

      Pattypan (aka Tricia in real life)


  3. Hi Compostwoman,

    Thank you for the sympathy - its something I have had for over 25 years - it comes and goes usually the bad attacks when I do not want them and this cold weather is certainly not helping at the moment, even though I wear gloves and wrap up well. Never mind. Just one of those things. Hope you are okay and I hope you are not suffering at the moment. Take care




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