Sunday, 6 January 2013

UFOs (Unfinished Objects)

I have dragged a couple of projects out of the cupboard in readiness to start them again and get them out of the way.

Here are the projects with where I am up to so far and when I finish them I will pop up another post showing the completed items.  I hope to get these done in the next month or so and if I get them done any further all the better because that means I will be able to go on to the next couple of UFOs.  There are a lot of lovely items I have part started and its time to get them finished, completed and in use or if not in use put up ready.

I love flowers and roses in particular and both of these projects feature roses.

The first is a little green pot with an embroidered lid -  the image you see is a cardboard impression of what the pot should look like and I have only done a few stitches so far and have to work out where I am up to from the chart.  The pot itself is a lovely sage green.

The second project is a Rose Floral Spray picture which I am a bit further along with.

It would be lovely to have these two pretty projects out of the way - I have had them for sometime.

Do you have any UFOs and do you intend to get them into the CWIP (Current Work in Progress) pile.  My oldest project is over 30 years old which is a Sampler.  It is part worked but I would love to get to that cleared  eventually there is some serious work to do on that so it will probably be one of the last ones to get worked.  I will have to see how things go.


  1. I have listed some of my ufo's on my Crafty Compostwoman blog tricia - I have a lot of them I am afraid.

  2. I have a lot too; soon become bored with doing something and/or start something because I cannot see the colours on embroidery threads after a certain time of night despite having an extremely good mother and child halogen lamp, so mostly cross stitch is reserved for the weekends when I have the natural light. I have loads to bring out yet thought would start with some of the smaller ones first. I have about four king sized blankets in crotchet on the go as well. Keeps me out of mischief and if I run out of wool or money I just go to the next one and when I have money then I top up on the wool. I am hoping to get my rainbow blanket finished this year I am over two thirds of the way through it - haved worked in stripes in one piece and that weighs a lot but should be extremely cozy. Take care we will get there in the end.



  3. In the holidays I found in a cupboard a cross stitch picture kit given to me by my SIL 4 years ago. I have realised that with a bit of tweaking, it will make a lovely, and appropriate, birthday gift for a good friend in a few month's time. So THAT is my current WIP.
    My friend Lesley once had a 'Finnish Summer' in which she finished every UFO in her stash. I was SO impressed!

    new year blessings xx

  4. Those are both lovely projects.I don't seem to have UFOs, though I do have a huge list of things I want to make!

  5. Your embroidery projects are lovely and well worth taking the time to complete. I have at least 6 WIPs...all quilts. My knitting is calling to me to pick it up again and I may do that in the evenings while in front of the TV with Hubby. Your jelly looks wonderful!

    1. Hi Barb

      I like both the projects too and have been thinking of transposing the chart for the spray of roses into some cushion covers worked in needlepoint as it is such a pretty spray. I have a horrendous list of UFOs to contend with many of them crotchet blankets, bedspreads throws etc. That's without the needlepoint and embroidery projects and brand new kits. Put it this way I am going to be able to keep myself busy for quite a while to come. I am pleased with the jelly it tastes nice and has gone nice and clear. It is nice with some brie in a baguette and some of the jelly spooned in on slices of the brie, popped into the microwave to melt and then served warm. A favourite here.

      Take care lovely to see you this side of the pond




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