Monday, 4 March 2013

And I didn't waste a bit

We had a very nice tea last night a Roast leg of lamb,  studded with garlic and a couple of sprigs of fresh Rosemary, roast potatoes, roast sweet potato, roast parsnip, steamed cauliflower, steamed broccoli, carrots, peas, and new potatoes and it went down very well indeed.  We had a scuttle full each and I had done plenty of veggies so we have also had  a repeat performance this evening.  I did add some Colcannon though to add a bit of bulk and substance as well as flavour to the meal and very nice it was too.  The best bit is we have had a very quick tea it only took 30 minutes for the potatoes to do.  I still have some Colcannon left and still plenty of lamb so it looks as though it will be cold cuts to finish up a very tasty piece of lamb u either that or served with chips. Its not often that we have lamb these days and it was a real treat and so I am not wasting a bit.  You can always pad some left over meat out with the addition of some Colcannon, or Bubble and Squeak, Yorkshire puddings, stuffings, some chutney or relish, pickled beetroot.    So I didn't waste a bit and I am feeling quite chuffed with myself.

Update on Molly; erhm there have been one or two incidents i.e. when she has gone flying at Squeak who is a very placid cat - Molly actually flew at Squeak who was looking at her non-plussed.  Missy and her seemed to be getting on well our little Jack Russell is a very affectionate little dog and she loves cats so she gets quite excited and perhaps a little over friendly a little bit of tail wagging and fussing up - no malice or harm in her at all.  Molly on Missy entereing the room flew at her whalloped her one and drew blood.  It would seem that she is going to have to be acclimatised to both cats and dogs.  Demetri has not seen her yet he knows something is adrift but hasn't quite worked out what. I am hoping to keep it like that for the time being.  Molly is for the best part coming to me when I call and is very affectionate with me apart from when I wagged the finger at her for nipping me last night.  Seems to want me for herself a lot of the time.  Bit of time and patience is required, but then I remember Demetri drew blood with Missy too.  We will have to see what happens but I think it is going to be two steps forward one step back scenario until we get her used to us.  She is asleep on the rug by my feet again.  She would appear to be very fond of food.  

Here are a couple of more photographs of our newest resident; butter would not melt and all of that, but then I would not want her any other way.

Right have things to do a cat to fuss (any excuse) and the rest of the animals to get in.

Catch up soon



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