Monday, 18 March 2013

Saturday and Sunday round up

Sorry I am late in filing this post I have been somewhat distracted this weekend and not getting as much as I would like to have achieved done, but I am home most of this week I have a couple of outings but not out nearly every night as I have been.. So I do apologise for the tense as most of it was drafted yesterday.

Its been a busy day today and it has been lovely to be at home after all my outings this week and in past weeks.  I have been primarily shopping - food shopping although I did go to the Charity shop and rescued two white porcelain angels and a sweet pea arrangement in a glass vase, a cream linen and lace tablecloth and some pink, blue and pale blue velvet ribbon that I picked up a card of each for 20pence a card (and there is a lot of ribbon on each card) and a pretty floral scarf.  There were lots of other lovely bits and bobs there too but that will do for this week; although I could have bagged a couple of bargains - if they are still there come pay day I will be snaffling them up but at the moment the fingers are firmly in the pockets and not in my purse.

I also paid a visit to the veg shop bought grapes, strawberries, blueberries, (I still have some plums)  pears, a net of onions, peppers, bananas, beetroot, vine tomatoes, grapefruit, lemons.  I also bought myself some daffodils and some sweetly scented freesia and old fashioned flower but most beautifully scented and they look lovely in their vases just simply arranged.  Gives you hope of things yet to come and cheers the mood.  I have worked out that colour lifts my mood and I react instinctively to colour and also to wonderful scents and oils keeps me calm keeps me chilled.


It has been a quiet day  here today its not been a particularly pleasant day I woke up stiff.  It did not help that I fell quite heavily and badly at the beginning of the week badly bruising my knee cap and ricking my back.  Yesterday I was feeling better than I had but today I have woken up stiff and have been struggling a little but it will pass - have got to keep moving.    I have been busy around pottering doing the washing getting things ready for work this week.  I have also been doing a lot of research in readiness for future posts.  Lots of ideas mulling over in my mind but still to be committed to paper.  When I am in the mood to let the words flow I will sit at it preparing several posts at once  committing words to paper  - I am much better at the written word than the spoken as people tend to misinterpret what I am trying to say -  and then jump in (sometimes getting huffy) but as I say it is still bubbling at the moment.  I have ideas for organising myself better than I have been so far

We have had a roast chicken for tea tonight (it was supposed to be roast pork - the meat was still frozen so that will be cooked up one night during the week and any left will be used for pack ups with home made apple sauce (sarnies predominantly) but if there is any pork left over might use it in a stir fry.

The chicken was served with roast potatoes, boiled new potatoes, carrot and swede crush, peas, steamed kale, green beans and cauliflower with lashings of gravy.  It went down very nicely.  However I have cooked extra potatoes to make bubble and squeak (they are just boiled but will pass then through either a ricer or make rosti or something similar. I have also done extra with the salad potatoes as they can be used up in salads either for pack up or for tea during the week.  I thought if I cooked the extra it would save me time and give me more choice of what I actually cooked in the week potato wise.  Equally OH will have the legs with salad for his pack up there will still be bits of chicken left over on the carcass and then the carcass to boil up for stock  for soup, and gravy.  I also quite fancy preparing some potatoes boulangere later in the week for whiuch I need the stock so not bad really from a small chicken   We do not do bad food wise generally and I do enjoy shopping for ingredients, browsing the shelves seeing what is available looking out new recipes in which to use the item.  Any product I buy has to earn its keep

We haven't had a pudding for tea tonight but we have had a home made strawberry smoothie each made from cold milk, natural yoghurt and strawberries which was rather refreshing and made a nice change even OH enjoyed.

I shall probably make some more smoothies during the week as I have more strawberries plums, and blueberries to use up but equally they could well end up in a pudding somewhere down the line.

Update on Molly

Mollie is settling in nicely and has got her paws well and truly placed on my heart.  However to complicate matters she has come into season.  Demetri who is a Tom has quite frankly been driving everyone up the wall.  The cats are segregated but that does not stop him whimpering, yowling and whispering sweet nothings at the front room door.  You can imagine the conversation going something along the lines of "Please let me in I only want to talk to you - its not fair you being in my comfy warm lounge and me being left out here." etc etc.  We have told Molz that he only wants his wicked way; but female that she is she has been talking back.  Molz is headed for the vets and unbeknownst to Demetri so is he.  I normally have them done but because we were not sure that he would be staying  he has somehow got overloooked.  The other reason is that he is driving the neighbours whappy as well  - he has not been this bad before; we are hoping that he will put on a bit of weight and also stop coming in battered to death  - he does not seem to win many cat fights.  And generally Molz and Squeak are getting on well  although Missy because of being clonked has now gone on the defensive so we are having to do further work with her.  Molz at least is coming to her name; she has found her voice, loves being comfy and warm and loves her grub.  So not too bad it is still early days. 

Right have to get on

Catch up soon



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