Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Garden is calling

It really is and needs some serious attention.  What with having workmen in etc I do have a major overhaul but it has not been warm enough yet.

My real passion though is growing stuff from scratch and  I really am also desperate to get some seeds going I do not have room in the house but yesterday I did succumb and bought a big pot of Parsley and two Rosemary Bushes (from Waitrose) the bushes will get planted into the garden and possibly the Parsley will be split and transplanted on.  In the past I have bought Chive Plants and planted them straight into the herb garden.  They are also supposed to be a good companion plant to for carrots deterring the carrot root fly.  I love chives especially with eggs.

I also have some Lemon Grass which I am also hoping to grow on as per this article here

I am also hopeful of picking up some seeds tomorrow and I am looking for some Tayberry bushes and I quite fancy a Fig or two as well.  Will have to see what they have available when I go browsing tomorrow.

However in the interim I have come across this site which talks of growing plants from scraps which to me makes sense.  This website also looks very interesting

Right must disappear hopefully will catch up with you later on.

Take care


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