Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Armed and Dangerous

Do not panic just me and the glue gun. (Well maybe you should panic me and glue not a good combination!).  Fortunately on this occasion no accidents, no spills - which makes a change.

I have long hair which I tend to wear for the best part up in a twist - I cannot cope with headphones, computer chip fob, glasses  getting all taffled up with my long hair so up it has to go on a daily basis.  Why not have it cut - because each time I do I want it long again.  So that is kind of a no no at the moment.  And besides I have lots of pretty and lovely hair clips slides, ruffles etc and they would only go to waste so long it is for the time being.

I have had a couple of accidents recently with hair slides and clips where they have sadly fallen apart through wear and tear and I had stockpiled them in a box waiting for a moment where I would be able to sit and play (once I had located the glue gun).  That happened Sunday afternoon just gone.  Some of the slides the clips have completely broken but they are not complete write offs - they just need new clips and I am pretty sure I saw some of those in John Lewis' the other day.  If I cannot find them there I will go online and see if I can source some of the Internet. But in the long run I have saved myself some money one way or the other and reloved an item that was in a bit of a state and made it usable again and given myself more choice when it comes to what slide I can wear with what outfit.  Especially when a lot of the pretty hair accessories are often in excess of £3 a piece.

I also have some artificial flowers and some hair combs and hopefully this weekend coming I am going to be able to sit and play for a little while and create myself some new hairslides to go with a new skirt and top I have recently purchased.  I might even raid the bead box and make myself some earrings and a necklace to go with the outfit as well.  The added bonus is that no one will have the same accessories  - they might have the outfit but not the accessories.

This weekend I also have a hot date with the sewing machine.  I have some seams on perfectly good clothes that have come adrift through wear and tear.  There is still plenty of wear left in the clothing and all it needs is a seam stitching here or those trousers need hemming again and once done I will have a few more outfits to wear just for a little time and effort.

I also have a serious fabric stash - I am anxious to get into the wardrobe to liberate some of the fabric into making some skirts and tops for me - I have the sewing bug again at the moment - but I need space for cutting out first.

I am also going to ask my mum to see if she will teach me how to do cable and maybe Aran - I am a jumper kind of girl preferring to be nice and snug and warm and I have always been incredibly spoiled in that my mother has always knitted for us whether that was by hand knitting or on the knitting machine; but I do need to know how to make some of these things for myself - I am thinking for a serious project for later on in the year.  Well I do have to save up for the wool first!

Catch you soon



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