Saturday, 1 June 2013

Saturday Roundup

Its been a busy day here; starting with trying to get a full sized dishwasher into the kitchen.  I have been very lucky in having been given a large dishwasher (only a year old) [thank you bruv]; the small table top one I had is designated to go to my step-son and his partner, together with my old washing machine. (they have not long moved in together and not many pennies so it will help them out for a little while). As space is somewhat limited in the kitchen we have had to put a work top in over the top of the washing machine and then stack the new dishwasher on top of that.  After some heaving the dishwasher high up over the sink to get it in situ and one or two adjustments at the back, the machine is now "home" and earning its keep.  Now all I have to do is re-home the items that used to be above the washing machine and that is easier said than done.  Buy hey I am chuffed, very chuffed.

I have had to wait in for the postman this morning but as OH was in the house I quickly nipped round to the charity shop and picked up the embroidered picture that needs a little tlc; on closer inspection the frame just needs a new back board although I am going to have to do some gentle dabbing on the picture itself which seems to have suffered some sort of water damage, but I think with a little time and patience I might be able to put this right so that it looks as good as new.  The colours match my front room so I am hoping to squeeze it in somewhere.

Whilst at the Charity shop I also picked up what I thought was a piece of fabric, it is in fact a shift dress that has been cut out and never been made.  It does not have the inner linings for round the neck and arms but that can easily be achieved by making some from some lining fabric (which I have loads of) and then running round them with the overlocker before stitching in.  It would appear to be my size so I am going to tack it together have a look at it and if I can do something with it; otherwise I will re-purpose it for something else.  The fabric can always be utilised into something else.

Since then I have been scrubbing the kitchen out; the regular scrub the walls, pulling appliances out. and washing the floor as I go along.  Am about half way through  I still have the cooker to tackle though - not my favourite thing to do as it always hurts my hands.

I also have the cupboards to strip out and re-tidy again.  Oh well it will keep me out of mischief and at the end of the day will be a job well done - at least once its tidy I will be able to find things again and I know everything is spotlessly clean. 

Well must get on hope you have all had a lovely day

Love and Light



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  1. New dishwasher - great! Mine is installed in the laundry as there is no room in my small kitchen, I don't use it every day now but if I know I have a busy day it comes into action...oh, and every Sunday too!
    Enjoy Sunday :o)
    Rose H


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