Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Catch up

Well after the quietness of the earning morning I nipped to my local Cooperative store primarily to see if they had any chocolate and custard twists and cheese twists for OH for what is fast becoming a Sunday morning custom is a nice steaming mug of tea followed by one of these enriched bread creations - and me I am in heaven.  I am rather fond of pain Au chocolate as well for which I have a recipe but I am going to look out  for a recipe for these divine twists as well.  They are rather naughty but oh so nice.  OH had been up earlier than me having walked Missy and then slipped back to bed and he was flat out so I left him to come down under his own steam and I had my breakfast on my own such decadence.

When he did eventually get up I asked him if he would take me to our Butcher's to pick up a supply of cat biscuits (which Missy is also rather fond of as well) as they are a lot cheaper than going to the pet store.  Needless to say we came away with a few more bits - not meat wise but consumables, some sweets a bargain on frozen mussels in Garlic at £1 a bag or 7 packs for £5.  I could quite easily have spent a lot more but  I still do not have the capacity with the freezers as I am still waiting for a replacement one, this is causing me quite some hassle in relation to what I am able to keep in and what I am not.

On the way back we called in to the Cash and Carry for a block of cheese extra mature 5 kg for £20 and we also bought some Crevettes for me and some Whelks for OH which are also safely ensconced in the freezer.  We are rather fond of sea food at the best of times.  I have kept some of the Whelks and the Crevettes out to eat later and have bagged the rest up into portions and have two further bags of the Whelks and three of the Crevettes.  So we have some further goodies to at for whenever the fancy takes us (I have a suspicion the Whelks will not last long).

I have also has a look at the fabric dress I found in the Charity Shop yesterday, it needs all the interfacings creating - no pattern but I have a similar dress pattern that I can utilise.  I roughly pinned it together it is plenty big enough and will need fitting in - I have darts to pop in and a back zip as well to allow easier access.  It would appear to me that someone has cut the basic dress out and perhaps done the back on it wrong but I think I can get round this I am going to discuss it with my mum and see what she thinks.  The photo below is not the best but it gives some idea but it will need fitting in. and is plenty long enough so I might get some scrunchies for my hair off the length.  I have managed to find some satin lining that will do for the interfacing.  I do love the colours.  I will probably play with tracing some interfacings and also the dart placings from my existing pattern later on in the week.
I also thought that I would show you some photos of the picture I have rescued and which is going to be subject to some tlc to clean it and I will get OH to sort out a new back board. The frame itself is in reasonable condition and can be buffed up a little.
 A closer up of the marked area that needs some tlc


I have been pottering in the kitchen this afternoon both tidying and cooking.  We have had roast chicken with bay leaves, butter and lemon verbena stuffing in the breast and then home made sage onion and sausagemeat stuffing cooked in a tray with roast veggies,( carrots potatoes onions parsnip) new potatoes, peas, asparagus, mixed veggies (cauliflower beans carrots, broccoli) and mashed potato.  So we have had a very big tea and then strawberries and cream for pudding and  I am now officially stuffed!  I did extra mashed potato and will make some crab fish cakes probably for tomorrow's night tea.

Right am off to get organised for tomorrow I have a dishwasher to load.

Catch you all later on



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  1. I haven't popped in for a bit. Everything seems well in your little corner and you sound rather chipper. I love the fabric of the dress you are working on - very nice for summer, light and breezy. We are currently busy with gardening and mowing our is good! Wishing you all the best....Barb


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