Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Evening everyone

I have been at home today  as I had the final hospital appointment for my ankle.  I have to get in touch with my consultant now to see whether or not she wants me to have further sessions.  I must say I have been very impressed with this treatment although the last appointment was extremely uncomfortable today's was more like the first, but apparently it can go like this.  They were running late on appointments today  so by the time I got home it was about 12:30 pm.  

OH is on holiday this week until he is back to work next Tuesday so when we got home he fancied a fried breakfast so that is what we had although I never do have much as I cannot eat an awful lot in one session these days.  I have been trying to find homes for some of my books this afternoon in the bookshelves in the front room.  I have also been sorting knitting patterns out and have sorted out some that I no longer require so they will go to the charity shop at the weekend. Things have sort of got out of hand a bit but although it is slow going I am going to try and get done what I can even if it takes longer than I really want it to. However I do like making things nice and tidy and cleaning up properly.  I hope to get really stuck in when I am on holiday.  

I really am itching to have a go at up-cycling some furniture pieces but I do not have the space or a place where I could undertake such work as we do not have a garage and no shed at the moment.  But I do have some ideas for the future.   So until that day comes things like this are going to have to go on the backburner. Besides now the evenings are starting to draw in I shall settle and start doing my crotchet again.

Back to work tomorrow.

Catch you soon.


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  1. I hope your ankle is feeling more comfortable now. I have had a clear out of books today as I had to move 100s which are stored in a wardrobe converted into a bookcase. Now there are 65 less and many will be going to the car boot sale with us next weekend, and the better ones will be going to the next Fleamarket.

    I bet you are looking forward to picking up your crochet again, and I hope you get the chance to do some upcycling too!


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