Sunday, 22 September 2013

Days End

After my earlier post we went out for a long walk with Missy in tow and went down towards the river. I was searching the hedge rows looking for elderberries but also for sea buckthorn.  I located both although not many bushes of sea buckthorn with fruit on.  However I have come home with half a large bag of elderberries. We had roast chicken for dinner.

 This evening I have been sat down with a fork removing the berries from  the stems under the auspices of the boss (Molly who seems to like elderberries); whilst watching Downtown.  I have about three pounds or so of berries which is destined for some cordial and may be a little jelly.  This will do for starters; although if I get chance of some more I shall take the opportunity with both hands as ideally I would like to put down some wine and some more Pontack Sauce.  They are in the fridge waiting for processing.

My cold has got worse with a terrible foggy head and a raging sore throat I feel very unwell.  Am off to bed.

Take care



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  1. I hope that you are better soon Tricia. I haven't been out looking for elderberries yet, but must get my skates on as I want to make some syrup for winter colds.


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