Monday, 30 September 2013

Harvesting the Herbs

I checked on the herbs yesterday and they have been very prolific.  I did take a photo of a Big bowl of herbs on my phone but for some unknown reason the photo has failed and by the time I had realised I had emptied the bowl.  Have since found it!

The majority herb this year seems to be the mint not the normal  garden mint but Peppermint.  This batch is going up for drying to make peppermint tea (I have IBS and I thought it would make a nice soothing tisane).  There is still a lot left so I am going to put up some keeping mint sauce as well.  

Yesterday I harvested Mint, Sage, Fennel, Parsley, more Oregano, Thyme, Bay leaves and there is still plenty more left to make herb jellies as well and maybe a dabble with some soap making.  I have also been on another raid on the Rosemary on the waste land near my home.

I  sat for a little while stringing the herbs into bunches to hang off the dresser.   I normally make little collars of brown paper to pop on them  (dust collars) but this time round as the herbs will only be strung for about a week or so before being rubbed and decanted into jars so I have opted not to put the collars on.  One day I hope to have a very large ceiling dryer in order to dry the herbs which will make the room smell fabulous and give me more drying space for dried flowers as well as herbs.  For the time being however I have strung them off my drying rope on the dresser.  Now all they have to do is dry.

I also have some herbal oils and vinegars to make.

It all adds a little something extra  to the household.  I have bought a lot of Rosemary plants this year and popped them in the garden.  They are doing well but are not really big enough to harvest this year but they hold promise for years to come.

I intend to have a purge on lavender plants (if I can get them in the next few weeks proper English Lavender) or in the alternative next year as I want to make some lavender bundles and my own lavender sachets and pot pourris. I aim to do something new each year.  Each time I buy a plant and learn about its growing habits and its uses I am expanding my own knowledge bank.  I would ideally love a proper big herb garden rather than just the small herb garden I presently have, but we have to be grateful for small miracles as I am grateful to have the  growing space I have.   

I have a Lemon Verbena bush in the garden as well; I am going to be making some Lemon Verbena jelly but ideally I would like more plants as I would like to experiment with pot-pourri as well.

On the list for next year are at least four Angelica Plants as I wish to make my own Angelica for cake decorating.  I have made this before and it is extremely aromatic and far nicer than the shop bought version.

I need Chives, a couple of Eucalyptus plants as well as Wormwood and Santolina as these are extremely useful ingredients in making moth repellant sachets.

I am happiest and content when I am making and preserving things it gives me a lot of pleasure as well as creating useful practical things.  So I have made a start today harvesting the herbs I still have a way to go.

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