Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Staple Ingredients

There are some staple ingredients that I have month in month out which allow flexibility when it comes to choice of meals.   These are the core ingredients and items which I buy month in month out and from which like building blocks and foundation stones all my other recipes are based and the house is run.  There are other items but these I must have else I get twitchy.  Remember if you have core/staple ingedients in you can tackle making your own pastry and even your own cheeses.

They are as follows:

Milk at least 2 x 6 pint bottles a week sometimes 3 and if experimenting with home made cheese etc sometimes 3 to 4.

A tray of eggs sometimes these last two weeks sometimes much less and if they are not shifting quickly enough do some baking.

Potatoes - I keep a sack in the house for the two of us this on average lasts 6 weeks (a family of four or bigger much less.  Potatoes accompany so many different dishes and have many combinations.

A net of Onions

A net of Shallots

Cheese for pack ups and for cooking. 

Lots of natural yogurt



Hard block margarine

Soft Margarine

Sunflower Oil

Dried Fruits various (tend to stock these up in bulk and then as run out replace so not bought every month)


S R Flour

Plain Flour

Extra Strong OO White and Brown Bread Flour for making bread and pasta





Meat  - I buy this in bulk and don't buy meat every month depending on what is left in the freezer

Various Fresh veg and fruits (yet again buy and keep what I can in the second fridge to extend its life) making the most of what I have.  To me fresh veg is important.  Veg getting a little past its best before you can use it do not waste it freeze it.

Bags of Porridge Oats for baking (flapjacks, treacle tart, porridge, granola etc.)

Cat and Dog Food

Washing Powder

White vinegar

Malt Vinegar
Fabric conditioner

Washing soda

Loo Rolls




Ham Hock or piece of Ham

Which items do you keep in as you staple/core ingredients?  Would be interesting to hear your take on this.

Catch you later on



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  1. I like also to make jam ,so as to have on the morning sandwich .


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