Saturday, 30 November 2013

Busy Saturday

I have been in town for the best part of the day with mum  - I took her shopping. I think we will end up having to go again at some point but we did not do too badly and as usual I was Sherpa. I did buy some more Kilner jars and some new lids for jars.

I was offered some black cherries quite cheaply yesterday by my Greengrocer and so have prepared some cherries in syrup which are a favourite here.  I was tempted to add some kirsch but I did not think OH would go a bundle on this and I think also I have more flexibility with them prepared this way and so I have played safe and just prepared them in syrup. I am hoping to make a Black Forest Gateau for the Christmas celebrations and as I have a small bottle of Kirsch in the cupboard I can always add a dash then and might also make a deconstructed Black Forest Trifle as per the programme with Paul Hollywood on the other day which seemed nice and easy.  I managed to get 5 pint jars and one small one so not too bad and another couple of recipes.

Some peach and Ginger chutney is on the cards for tomorrow morning and I have some cherry tomatoes that I obtained cheaply so some tomato ketchup and some bottled tomatoes are also on the cards tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

This evening though I have had off.  The cats and I have been watching festive cookery programmes and  I have indulged in a bottle of beer for once. A little research as I am looking for some beer to flavour some home made mustard and there are lots of named beers out there which I know nothing about.  This evenings offerings was The Thursty Ferret.  Very hoppy (nutty flavour but it went down very well and made a nice change and I enjoyed the research.

Catch you soon.



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