Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Cookie Cutters and Cake Tins

Well come any  kind of celebration out come the cookie cutters - especially for Christmas.   I have quite a collection amassed over the years and there is always room for one or two more.  I had bought one snow flake cookie cutter at the beginning of September for the collection. 

 I was up town this morning minding my own business not looking to buy anything in particular when I espied a star cookie cutter that I quite liked the look of and at first I could not locate it.  Well the one I spotted was on the top shelf over the cooking pans and I eventually found where they were after a bit of rooting about; and then I spotted a reindeer and then an angel and guess what they all jumped into my basket!  All found in Marks and Spencers.  The largest of the three is the star and that was priced at £5 and the reindeer and the angel were £2.50 each.  They also had a large bauble cutter but that was not really to my taste.  So not too bad on the price front and they are metal and quite sturdy.  I have also seen one or two cake tins and moulded cookie trays that I quite like the look of will have to see how the pennies pan out but i thought i would share the cookie cutters in case you wanted to treat yourself.  Go on you know you want to not only useful in baking but also craft work too.

Catch you soon.


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