Monday, 6 January 2014

Getting myself Organised

In view of the kerfuffle when my phone fried and me not having contact numbers I sourced a couple of cheap diaries (a page a day) one for OH and one for myself and I have added contact numbers and appointments so far this year in an effort to get myself sorted so that I know where I am at and so that I can plan to do things and/or make arrangements.  There are a couple of things that I want to achieve this year concerning nearest and dearest relatives including some visits to extended family.  I also want to get into the habit of having birthday cards in house at least a month before the event whether they be bought or home made. I am trying to eradicate last minute panics or incidents where I have actually forgotten someone's birthday.  I am aiming to be sorted in plenty of time so that I can eradicate unnecessary stress and hassle in the process.  Well that's the plan. Birthday dates have also been registered.

I am so glad that I put a few things up in the Christmas Stockpile from September last year week by week and I intend to do the same later on in this New Year of ours.  Getting organised is like using building bricks as a child we identify and find out what our requirements are going to be and then little by little we start to build up things a bit at a time;often we learn the most by making mistakes but then we make mental notes of not what to do so that we get things just how we want them.  I intend to do the same with Christmas presents buying and/or making items through the year instead of being a last minute merchant due to a lack of cash. 

I have also sourced a weekly planning pad on which to plan and track things and once dealt with they can be popped into a Lever Arch file as a record as to what I have and have not done to date some of which items will be yearly so it will be an aide memoire too.  Tomorrow's entry is something along the lines of erect hanging rail and sort clothes onto.

I also have a large page a day home diary which plots when I make marmalade strawberry jam etc or items to sew or birthday cakes to make christmas cake and other information of that ilk so that I can make the most of the seasons and the food available.  Each year I add extra items and the more I do the more I add and its a good way of plotting the to dos.

In view of the new items that are needed as well I am going to prepare a budget so that we can save as much as possible for  a new to us car and other items a  chest freezer being top of the listIt will all come together in the end with a little bit of effort and keeping my eye on things and buying when it is to my advantage. In other words getting back to basics.

Will let you know how I get on.



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