Monday, 24 February 2014

Sometimes You Just have to cheat

It  has been my first day back at work today and I have paced myself although my back and hip are playing up quite a bit at the moment.  I will spray up with some Biofreeze before going to bed with a nice hot water bottle.

Knowing that I would be tired after the first day back I sought to do something quick and simple for tea (and to make sure OH was fed and watered properly)and invested in a Pork and Red Wine Conchiglie Pasta bake served with a side salad and tons of garlic bread.  All bought -something I do not normally do as many of you know I normally cook from scratch.  It was not too bad and filled a gap.

I ran out of  bread and so nipped and fetched some for Oh's packup which is now done and dusted in his packup box ready for tomorrow.  Whilst out I came across some small lamb chops that had been reduced 4 for £1.23 so I bought 2 packs and together with some mint jelly they will form the basis of tomorrow night's tea together with some seasonal veg. Nice and cheap and we do like lamb so this will make a nice treat.

For the rest of the evening I have been sat working at my needlepoint Rose cushion insert.  I am concentrating on the floral design first and will work the cream background later on.  I shall keep at this until it is completed.  It is coming along quite nicely and will be another good job done and dusted.

I am itching to do some crotchet  - I might go as far as starting to collect some wool but this needlepoint is on the list for completion first.  I have a box into which I place completed projects which need finalising either framing, blocking, mounting or making up  - everything has a place and a purpose.

Right I seriously need some shuteye.

Catch you soon




  1. Glad to see that you are back at work, just don't go silly and do too much. Enjoy your Lamb, I do like chops but they are normally far too expensive. well done on snapping up a bargain.

  2. Hi Pam

    We only usually have a lamb joint when it is on offer so to actually find some chops was a bonus as they are usually far too dear for what you get (although we love them I normally leave them on the shelf).

    Thank you for your good wishes - all I can do is take things one stage at a time but I am proceeding with caution.

    Love and Light




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