Tuesday, 29 April 2014

52 Week Challenge

This should have been posted up on Sunday but real life has got in the way again and as a result I have been delayed in popping up this update.

For over a year I was knitting squares in white, lilac and purples and I have started knitting the border strip as well in white.  I am not what you call a natural knitter and I get bored ever so easily with knitting; I am trying to get to grips with that but I do try to be neat. Since completing the squares however it has all sat in a bag waiting for it to be stitched up.  I hate sewing up knitting as well.  However I have made a start; once it is all stitched up I can finish off knitting the border.  I decided to tackle this one first as I can work at it piecemeal a bit at a time until all the stitching is done.  I am aiming to have it sorted by the weekend.

Still a little way to go but nearly another project to bite the dust. 

It is my birthday on Saturday another year older; it is also Bank Holiday weekend so I am potentially looking at some time to play.  I have slowly been accumulating fabric to have a go at some patchwork  Anything that is cotton whether it be old shirts all has potential.  I have a couple of patchwork projects on the go UFOs so I might drag those out too.

I also have a new book by Debbie Shore called Half Yard Heaven it is £3.99 with the Book People at the moment which has a few little projects in that I am quite interested in. 

I also recycle material where I can and re-purpose it.  Unfortunately I managed to wreck an expensive pair of sheets with a sharp toenail which rent the sheets in half and made them un-usable.  I have plans to make a valance trim for the bottom of my bed to tidy it up all in the spirit of waste not want not.

Catch you soon




  1. Th Thanks for the update. The woolly blanket is going to be lovely when you finish it. I will add you post to Sunday's 52 projects post :)

  2. H dreamer

    I also popped up a post here as well

    Pattypan x


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