Sunday, 31 August 2014

Saturday Update

I appreciate that this post should have been posted yesterday but real life got in the way a bit and I ended up being otherwise engaged.

We went shopping first for a new chip fryer.  Our other one had done sterling service but eventually started leaking and making a mess whether it was stood in the cupboard or on the worktop.  Once the decision had been made to replace it we then looked around to see what was currently on the market.  Primary requirements were that it had to be easily cleanable and offer some flexibility i.e whether cooking for two or the whole family. I have therefore opted for the new Cookworks double panned fryer. Mine came from Argos.  I shall let you know how I get on with it in due course.
more details on Cookworks XJ14301 Twin Professional Fryer - St/Steel.

We quite like spicy food and we had thought that it would be good to have one pan for spicy foods and the other for general unspiced cooking.

We then started the monthly shop.  This varies where I go on a month by month basis and upon what we actually need.   I do use a local Cash N Carry  (I use Hyperama).  I use this predominantly for buying items that you are charged through the nose for like soap powder and fabric conditioner.  I buy the largest container of fabric condition going as well as soap powder using what is on offer mostly and not being too precious about the brand.  This time we needed to stock up on oil, vinegar (for my pickling), soap powder and fabric conditioner not the small containers the larger ones and then we hit the meat section buying two trays of chicken thighs, three trays of mince and a pack of two pork bellies which we have subsequently stuffed with home made sage, onion and sausagemeat stuffing.  We also got two rib racks and I have five joints for Sunday dinners to come.  The larger joints work out at about £9 whereas the smaller ones £4.50. It is a little while since we have done this although we used to have this regularly when the childen were at home and indeed it was one of their favourite lunches.  Any left over used to go into sarnies for packup or served as cold cuts with either bubble n squeak or chips for Monday night's tea.  It goes a long way and in the colder months to come you need nice tasty food to keep the internal central boiler ticking along nicely.  The stuffing that was left over has been frozen into individual balls - so nothing need be wasted and it is a little extra to add to tea during the week.  All will have to do is pop them in the same tray as the meat I am cooking from frozen and a little bit more flavour is added to the meal.

We then went on to ABC Butchers and topped up on minted lamb steaks, plain lamb steaks, garlic and butter chicken, kitchen consumables, cat food etc.

I have also prepared lamb, chicken, steak, repackaging everything into portions for two and then stocking the freezer up as well as preparing the pork,

I then nipped round to the Co-op later on and scored five packs of broad beans at £1.85 per bag or two for £3.  They were reduced and I got them for 50pence a bag.  The beans have been prepared to put into the freezer also. I also scored two chickens at 20 pence each!  They have also gone into the freezer,  On Friday night I obtained a 5kg bag of potatoes for 20pence.  Very handy being as I have just got a new chip pan.

So a few bargains lots of hard work, but my pantry, and freezer are very important to me.  I have found over the years if it is stocked up properly it can take you through the toughest of times without having to spend too much extra, just getting the essentials in.  I usually have a three month stock up procedure/cycle for stocking up the freezer in the first place, buying a bit at a time and replacing what has been used but then every so often concentrating on dried goods and tinned goods.  

I freeze what I can even fresh vegetables that I do not think we are going to get through so that if we are in a hurry for a meal it is just literally grab, cook and serve.  Very helpful when working full time during the week as we still end up eating well and having a good meal within 40 minutes to an hour of getting home.

I have also popped in some strawberries, cherry tomatoes (which I freeze whole and then other half eats them with a fry up) and some broccoli.

I have also put some home made lardons into the freezer.  OH bought some bacon that was far too thick (I will not eat thick bacon it is one of my pet hates) so rather than waste it I have put it to an alternative use.

I have some herb butters to prepare later on today.  My herb garden has been particularly productive so I intend to put them to good use.

Catch you all later on.




  1. Hi Patti
    I was just wondering if you're happy with your fryer - I'm looking for one and like the look of this one so would appreciate your opinion - hope you are well thanks Trudie

  2. Hi Trudie sorry for being late in the day coming back to you I have had quite a few few issues with my computer - I am up and running again (i hope) . the chip fryer is what I wanted but completely different to the more modern fryers. The lids are not kept on whem frying and if there are children in theh house best keep out of the way as it is metal on the outside and little fingers might get warm. It cooks lovely though and as we have extended family that visit it is a quick supper for them - home made chips with something on the side. I am happy with it but my requirements might be different to someone else. I am more than happy with it. Pattypan xx


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