Saturday, 30 August 2014

Something for the Freezer

I have had problems with my upright freezer for a little while only part of it freezing properly.  A while back it was defrosted for a couple of days and a it seemed better but still not right so I have not been able to freeze very much stuff in it.  However the other day it would appear that I accidentally pulled the plug out of the socket and defrosted the freezer - accidental yes but sometimes things happen for a reason, because when we plugged it back in again every compartment has frozen; so it would seem I have my upright freezer back again.  

So it needs feeding I need to stock it up.  

My big freezer has also packed up and my mum has kindly indicated that she would be happy to help out with a new one - which has yet to be purchased yet I think that will happen shortly

I am very lucky in that one of my friends has a couple of neighbours who sell home grown produce at realistic prices at this time of year and she brings in veggies for me that I pay for which is extremely good of her.  I have had a veg delivery from her today, namely two large pumpkins £1 each, 10 x 1lb bags of Victoria plums 50 pence per bag, 10 x 1lb bags of Shallots 50 pence per bag, and two bags of fresh runner beans 50 pence per bag.

The pumpkins are designated for Pumpkin Marmalade, frozen Pumpkin for Roasting, Pumpkin soup, pumpkin and pine nut pasta to be served with crispy sage leaves and sage butter.  My herb garden such as it is has been very bountiful this year. so I have Tarragon vinegar to make, sage and Basil oils, mixed herb oils and herb butters to freeze.  So it looks as though I am going to be a bit busy over the next few weeks or so but its how I like it - preserving is my passion and I get a lot of pleasure over preparing stuff such as chutneys, stirring and dreaming as I get caught in the moment of preparing something different for the pantry.

The Victoria plums are designated for plum jam, plum jelly, Chinese Style plum sauce (brilliant for sweet and sour ribs), plum Chutney, bottled plums and frozen plums and plum sorbet and plum ice cream and may be some plum cordial.

The Shallots are to be  pickled, some will be prepared and frozen to serve as roast onions with a full blown roast meal.  They give a lot of flavour to a simple meal and as the onion caramelises and goes brown if you cook roast potatoes in the same tray it helps brown the roasties and give them more flavour.

However this evening I have started to stock the freezer. I have set too and prepared six two portion bags of runner beans for the winter months.  The vegetables were prepared and then blanched in boiling water and then drained and repackaged.  I intend to get hold of some more if I can as runner beans are a favourite veg as are kidney beans.  It feels good to be stocking up again.

Catch you soon



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