Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Brghh - Its freezing

At 6:00am this morning it was minus 2 - OH walks Missy at this time and he and her came in frozen.  Needless to say the heating went on for a while.  Then again when you really look at things we haven't done bad so far this year it has been quite mild for the season.  

Everything looks etheric and mystical when covered with a proper white hoar frost as though you have just stepped off the merry go round into an imaginary world.

Mind you it was a nice brisk walk into work this morning needless to say I got warmly dressed up and contemplated that it was about time for thermals coming out of the cupboard!  I am dressed for comfort not for speed these days and being comfortable is far more valuable to me these days  - my priorities have changed again another milestone passed another phase waved good bye to.

I have found that if I get over cold or damp I seize up just like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz and I don't like being seized up!  Or if I get cold on the inside I end up with a bad chill and just cannot get warm.

Needless to say I have not long been out of work and it is freezing again a proper Novembers day. Its on days like this that I long for a proper fire/log burner which warms the body as well as the soul, where you can gaze into the leaping flames and lose yourself for a little while in a spot of day dreaming where the spirit discards its mortal ropes and frees itself like a butterfly just for a short while.

Well things to do lots of them just the depth that varies. 

Take care




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