Monday, 29 December 2014

Easter Eggs!

Pardon me but I thought we were still celebrating Christmas but to my horror yesterday,(Saturday) there perched in a prominent place in my local store was a Cadburys stand for Cadbury's Easter Eggs!

Needless to say whilst at the Co-Op (the store in question) I did manage to pick up another beef joint and two pork shoulder joints for just under £15.  They have therefore been squirelled away in the freezer.  I am slowly getting bits and bobs here and there and filling up a bit at a time.

At the end of the month (January) I intend to go to ABC Meats for minted lamb chops, chinese style chicken and pork garlic chicken, stewing steak, chicken breasts, sausages, bacon, lamb chops, And also Hyperama (Cash n Carry) for  Pork bellies so that we can do some rolled stuffed pork belly joints for Sunday dinner which are a big favourite  I am also quite keen to have a go at preparing my own pastrami, Salami and Pork pies.  Will have to see if the pennies are there for me to have a play at the end of the month.

But Easter Eggs!




  1. They have added another display stand since I went in earlier. Just sheer crazy.

    Consumerism at its worst does not even leave you time to recover from one celebration.


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