Monday, 1 December 2014

In Praise of the Tea Pot

In recent years the English Teapot has become redundant and people just "dunk" their tea bags in their mugs.  How wasteful can that be.  I have reinstated the Teapot at home, because as a tea drinker I prefer the leaf tea rather than just the tea bags.  OH cannot abide the tea leaves so out of necessity we use the bags although I keep the leaf version for when he is out of the way.  Not only by doing a tea bag for each and one for the pot do we get a lovely cup of tea but we get at least two mugs each and Missy does too. Our Jack Russell is kind of partial to a cup of tea when there is one on the go and if we do not make one she soon lets us know what she is after.  Needless to say she has her own dish. (she just loves tea and does not mind whether it is a tea bag or loose leaf).

There was always a charm and ceremony to English Tea time especially high tea, when at My Nan's there would always be a big pot of tea centre table to enjoy whilst eating but a further pot would always be made at the end of the meal as well.

I have several teapots including three brown graduated ones, and various crockery and china one that have come as part of a dinner service set. 

Its also true that if there is an emergency, or if someone is in shock the first port of call is a cup of tea  - a drink to put everything right!

Then again there are Tasseography readings "tea leaf readings" where loose leaf tea is used to give the tea drinker an insight into the future (for recreational purposes only).

What is your take on the teapot, do you have one, do you use one or do you think its old hat (the teapot that is) not the tea!




  1. We do have a pretty little old teapot (black sprinkled with forget-me-nots) which we use when we have special loose-leaf teas, but the rest of the time it is the humble tea bag I fear!

  2. Loose leaf tea ll the time here in a good old fashioned brown tea pot.
    Really enjoying going through your old posts.
    Fondly Michelle

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Nothing beats proper cup of tea out of a teapot. My Nan always used to make a big pot and put it on the Rayburn to keep warm. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

    Take care




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