Sunday, 11 January 2015

Yellow Sultanas in Brandy

As part of my food store I make these every so often.  I use golden sultanas which I think look really pretty in little glass jars and after the soaking time these can be used with plain ice cream or incorporated with some honey into home made ice vanilla honey and sultana ice cream.  Rum n raisin is prepared the same way too and yet again makes a lovely rum n raisin ice cream. 

You simply take a small jar wash and sterilise it fully.  

Then you fill the jar with your chosen dried fruit and then add brandy to the top of the jar and leave the fruit to soak.  After  a day go back and see how much spirit the fruit has soaked up and add more brandy if necessary the contents need to be in the spirit otherwise they will dry out again and that will defeat the point.  The whole point is that we want a nice boozy topping for simple plain ice creams or for those fruits to be incorporated into an ice cream.  Once the initial filling up just check every so often to make sure that there is enough spirit in this jar and use the contents to pep up your puddings.  

I always keep a couple of jars of this in at any one time and then as soon as  jar is used or near used I start another jar off.  




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