Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bacon Update and some Bargains

Well so far so good.  The bacon has been taken out of the salt, and washed to remove all the salt, then dried and then wrapped in fine muslin and tied with string.  The colour looks good and the meat is nice and firm how it should be..  The bacon is now in the Pantry fridge to chill for a couple of days.  We are going to test drive it for tea on Friday night.  Will let you know how it tastes.  It feels quite opulent/extravagant having your own bacon in the fridge.  I can see all sorts of uses for it.

I nipped round to the Co-Op this evening and struck a couple of bargains food wise.  Came across 6 packs of sirloin steak normally about £5 per pack for £1.50 a pack.  Two packs of lean mince normally £4.50 pack only £1.50 per pack.  Some veggies reduced from £1.50pack which are destined for the soup pot need something nice and warm when the weather is as it is.  Also got two Thai curry meals that were about £5 each for £1.50 a pack.  They are for a quick tea tomorrow evening. Two Steak pies to serve with full veggies and mash as well as gravy.  So I am quite pleased with my bargains.  Everything apart from the Thai meals is in the Freezer. I also have popped some raw bananas into the freezer to use in milk shakes/and or make some ice cream.  The Freezer  It is starting to fill up fast..

I nipped into Waitrose today for some Oregano to make the Savoury muffins there was none on the shelf but I managed with the aid of an Assistant to snaffle the last bag.  I think Oregano and Marjoram are on the list to grow this summer.  I do so love their flavour and the aroma.  Think am going to double up on the herb plants I had last year.

I also obtained some Pork Mince today that is in the freezer.  I need to get a couple of packs of Pork Shoulder as I am going to do  some playing at the weekend and make some little Pork Pies for the freezer.  I have a couple of crotins of goats cheese in the fridge so I may make like  pizza dough on Saturday and do home made pizzas with roasted onion, garlic and kale and rocket.

Right must get on .

Catch you soon.




  1. Gosh, lots of plans and projects in your kitchen Tricia. I hope the bacon is good (I'm sure it will be). It's something I've always wanted to try but now I am trying to keep to a low histamine diet, salted and preserved meats are off the menu.

    I used to get good bargains from Co-op when I was at Uni - I would note the sale by dates on the meat, and make sure I shopped there that day!

  2. Hi BB

    Its something I have wanted to do for ages too and now I am doing something about it I a buzzing with lots of ideas and things I want to try. I a really enjoying myself

    Hope you are okay take care




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