Thursday, 26 February 2015

Catchup on Monday

I had a quiet and pleasant day on Monday despite having to go to the Hospital.  I was put on the wrong foot because my taxi was late and managed by the skin of my teeth to get there for 10:18 instead of the nominated 10:15.  They were very understanding though.  We went through the usual palaver of being measured  - instead of being 5 foot 5 inches in my stockinged feet I am now 5 foot 3 inches.  Somewhere along the line I have managed to loose two valuable inches!  We then came to the taking of the old blood pressure.  They strapped me up and then the machine thought and thought and thought in the end I asked if I was still alive of the lovely nurse and then it worked.  Despite rushing around my blood pressure was still well within the bounds of normal  - ahh I am alive then.  

Next came the weight.  I have lost another 1 stone and  half - which I am well pleased about as it is less impact on the joints which is what I am after.  I have not dieted as I never loose anything when I do but I have been watching portion control and being sensible.  That is a stone and a half in a year.  Still a long way to go but at least I am getting there.  They are very keen to watch my vitamin D levels as apparently people on long term medication for epilepsy do not process vitamin D in the same way so I have had to have a set of bloods to test my vitamin D levels and other testing as standard.  If they need to give me a top up then they will request me to go and see the GP again. If the levels are acceptable they will leave me until next time but they have recommended that I take a good daily multivitamin as standard.  Apparently the tiredness and the pain in my bones is a symptom of the vitamin D being low.  I certainly felt better after the top up last year.  (What I really could do with is a couple of weeks holiday down in Cornwall in the summer sun and just laze but I do not think that is going to happen this year.  Doesn't stop one dreaming though)

When I first went back to the Hospital they X-rayed my hips and I was told that there were degenerative changes in my hips.  In recent months I have become a lot stiffer - I am okay when I am walking and on a roll but when it comes to going up steps, it causes a lot of stiffness and pain and I do struggle quite a bit.  I mentioned this and she examined me manipulating my legs and joints and indicate that it is getting worse - so I suppose it will be monitored as per usual.  Do not have to go back until next year unless the bloods show up anything. 

Whilst there I asked about antibiotics.  I am conscious that when I get a simple cold I get it double whammy compared to everyone else and I am poorly (mainly due to my immune system being up the creek without a paddle).  I indicated that I had tried to manage without  antibiotics because overall I was concerned that with frequent use there would be a problem with the antibiotics working effectively.  I have been given general advice that if my cold is over a week old then I must seek assistance as it can impact in other ways on my system although she did understand where I was coming from.  If I had not of asked I would have been left in the dark but now I have  plan of action if and when I am ill again.  I do not make a good patient at the best of times.  Otherwise they are quite pleased with me.

I had to pop along and get my bloods done fortunately I got an experienced nurse and I hardly felt the needle go in (I don't like needles) - it does not help that my veins are tight with giving up blood in any event.

I then had a quiet afternoon at home where I started to sort one or two things out and just relax a bit.

I am desperate to get to grips with some of my craft stuff but I just cannot settle at the moment  too much on my mind and too much running around other people.  I always seem to come last on the list.  Come on Tricia you need to focus a bit more - trouble is these days I am easily distracted.

We have also lost another much loved family member, my mum's older sister (87) and I am taking Mum on the train to my Uncle's home in Lincoln whereon in we will travel by road up to Ollerton for the funeral.  That is next week.  Now I have got to get my head around travelling by train.  Mind you it will do me good.  If it works out okay it means in the summer that I will be able to get around under my own steam to go and see my cousins (I have a lot of them)[ if OH goes fishing. He is talking of going again - we have had a good couple of years where he has not gone].  Will be a good excuse to catch up and do some shopping.  I will also try and get to see one of my older cousins and catch up with her.  I also intend to apply to learn to drive this year as well as I do need to be able to get around.  It would be nice if I could because it would mean that I would be able to take my mum out and about.  Well that's the plan anyway.  Need to get the licence first.  Which means Doctors giving approval.  It is over a year since the fit I had last year and the Consultant indicated that provided I was clear he would give approval for me learning to drive.

There is so much that I want to achieve and have a go at but sometimes its knowing what to do first that becomes a bit of a stumbling block.  Have got to dip my toe in the water (proverbially speaking) somewhere down the line so might as well jump straight in.  Told you before its just the depth with me.

Catch you soon hope all is well with you especially our American and Canadian cousins struggling with the piles and piles of snow.  Keep safe wherever you my be.

Until next time.




  1. Well done on the weight loss. Lose it slowly and it stays off.
    You have a lot going on right now take it one step at a time and look after yourself.

  2. Thank you Wean - I must say that losing the weight and having it confirmed gave me a bit of a boost, I do need to do more though but if I start dieting I never lose. I walk everywhere and I do watch portion control not that I can ever eat a big plate of food these days and that has seemed to work. I am also trying not to eat so many sugary things - since OH is diabetic - I am trying to use more fresh fruit. You take it steady too.




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