Saturday, 14 February 2015

Rechargeable Kind of Day

Its been a hectic week this week.  The week did not start well and I ended up having to have further time off work this time because of an upset stomach.

Since then things have been none stop both at work and at home and we have also had to have a service on the boiler and a check of the gas appliances in the property (we rent). Last year it was being voiced that perhaps next time round we would need a new cooker and this is the case.  The new cooker was supposed to be delivered today but due to a technical hitch it will now be tomorrow morning before it is delivered and fitted.  The ovens that have been provided thus far have been half sized which means having to be organised and a lot of shuffling about with trying to get tins in - standard sizes just have not fitted but I hope that is all about to change. This time round though we have put a little extra to the purchase of the cooker which is a full sized one and has we think a double oven.  Its a Hotpoint one.  I have not seen it yet OH has as he went with the Engineer to get it but is not sure of the product code - which can make a difference.  From the sounds of things it may be the cooker I had been looking at in any event.  So the best part of the day was spent waiting and I was hoping to do a little cooking today but that has now been deferred until tomorrow.

If it has got a double oven it will be ideal for batch baking and also just having one oven on to do tea during the week will be ideal.  Once fitted I can then get cracking.

After receiving notification that the Fitter was not coming now until tomorrow we sat and watched the Rugby.  Brilliant.

I then cooked OH home made chips, steak, onion rings, fried mushrooms and I had chips and onion rings with tomato ketchup and mayonnaise and we both thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

Apparently I then nodded off to sleep on the settee was out for about an hour and a half.  I seem to have been doing that a lot just lately.  It has just been good to be at home and just chill and do absolutely nothing -  time to recharge - reboot.  I am now sat enjoying a glass of Jeremiah Weed a Kentucky cider which is a favourite of mine.  It is going down rather nicely.

OH had some of our home cured bacon with some mushrooms in a sarnie for supper. I could not fancy anything but might have some cheese and crackers shortly.

So it has been quite a chill out day - which I sorely needed.

Catch you soon.



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