Sunday, 8 March 2015

Catch up on Saturday

Quite a laid back day apart from a little food shopping. Beautiful to see the sunshine and relatively warm but the wind has had an edge to it all day.  I think may be Spring is starting to arrive. So  much so I bought some polyanthus in yellow and purple and also some miniature daffodils for two of my planters in the back garden.  Thought it might be a start and cheer things up a bit.

I paid a visit to the veg shop and managed to get some blood oranges to make a preserve/conserve that I have not tried before.

Pears to do some chutney, tomatoes for general use and some plums to make some Chinese Plum sauce as I have now run out.  Some leeks, spring cabbage,cauliflower, a melon, some apples, some celery, carrots and mushrooms.

From the reduced section at the coop I bought french beans, cauliflower, raspberries and strawberries and blueberries.  The soft  fruits are for use in breakfast smoothies..  I have been told to take a multivitamin because of my vitamin D level but thought I would also take the opportunity of doing it with food where I can as well and I am rather fond of fruit smoothies. OH is not really in to them.

For lunch today I did home made Chinese chicken wraps and they were very tasty.  Basically I found some of these wraps from Warburtons which are square which I thought would be a better size to make wraps for lunch out of. 

I cooked two small chicken breasts in  little oil layered with Sesame oil and some preserved ginger and  then cut the chicken into little slices.  I then made a salad of tomatoes, onions and spring onions with vinegar and sesame oil dressing.  I then started layering salad leaves, the salad,  plain yogurt chilli sauce dressing and the sliced chicken into the wrap before rolling it up.  I must say these wraps were a lot easier to handle.. They were seriously tasty.  Unfortunately I forgot to take some photos.  I did however go and buy some more they were on offer 8 for £1 so have popped three packs into the freezer to use another day.  The pantry gets too warm.

Please note this is not an advertisement it is just I think these wraps are particularly good.  This is my own opinion - I speak as I find.

This evening for tea we have had chicken stir fry which has not had a sauce added to it just cookin.  I cooked the chicken chunks in hot oil with some sesame oil added and then sesame seeds, then cooked courgettes, onion broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, swede, spring onion, kale, peppers noodles cooking those that needed the longest time first. I added a little of the stem ginger syrup  and  little sweet chilli sauce.  As however the vegetables released their own stock and I did not need to add a sauce. I served the "stir fry" as it was.  OH is able to eat it this way with him being diabetic.  It makes a very tasty meal and I frequently use the remnants of veggies to make this meal from.

There was a good plateful for us both and then that left over again - I think OH went back for seconds as by the time I had gone back there was none left.

Catch you soon.



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