Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Afternoon

Its been quite busy here today and I have been really full of energy - must be the sunshine it so glorious to have the benefit at long last.

I have spent the best part of the day engaged in housewifely duties, washing, dishwasher on, cleaning the kitchen. So quite an industrious day.  Really I want to be in the garden but that will be next week weather permitting as before I can start on the herb garden there is some junk that needs sorting and then taking to the tip.

I have been shopping in the freezer and we have a piece of plain belly pork for tea this evening  not a rolled piece a flat piece which is going to be simply roasted (hopefully with lots of crackling) and I have also got out a gammon joint for pack ups during the week.  I am going to serve some roasted veggies with the Pork and whatever veg I can find in the fridge I think there is a cauliflower, carrots and some peas in the freezer so enough to make a meal and some  fresh home made apple sauce as I have a couple of apples lurking that need using up.

Am going to enjoy my mint tea and then it will be time to get  wriggle on again.

Will pop by later on.

Catch you soon.



I am sat nibbling on an experiment at the moment; something that you may have come across before but something I have not come across to date.  I have been washing them down with copious amounts of mint tea which is very refreshing.  Lets just say that what I am eating really is setting my mouth alive and then when drinking the mint tea afterwards I very much like.  Will let you know what we have been experimenting with later on.

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