Friday, 17 April 2015

Charity Shop finds

I managed to find this little mat for 55p at a Local Antique craft centre recently.  It will go beautifully with a set of mats that have come down through the family made by my maiden Great Aunt who was a beautiful needlewoman and in exactly the same colourway. Her forte was finework crochet. I think it was a popular pattern for the time.  I believe she used this pattern several times and I think she made a set of mats for my cousin as her wedding present.

I like them anyway as I have a particular penchant for pansies.

A Basket - I will let you in on a little secret.  I collect baskets.  This one is at present being used to store my ever growing collection of fabrics for patchwork.  Several shirts have been stripped down in readiness for the cutting out and the other day I came across bags of patchwork fabric for £2.50 a bag so I snaffled two.

Here's the selection of fabrics:

Some decent sized pieces here.

Here is a very pretty table cloth.  A small sized one but it will go over a small table I have in the bedroom.  Another item that has been reloved.

This pretty (not expensive clock is destined for my bedroom) I love wild flowers and wild life and I have several Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady pieces that I have acquired or made over the years so this will fit in well.

A large 1930s original cake tin.  I have another one in this colourway which is a stack of three.  They are going to be very useful in the pantry for home bakes.  They are in pretty good condition.  I love the simple colourway.  Will go well with my Johnson Brothers green utility china which I also collect.  I just love nice things.

A glazed bread crock.  I collect huge pots like this as they are very useful for preserving. You can use it for preserving your own mincemeat by the traditional fermenting method you can use it as a Rumptopf or for Folie of Fall Fruits/Batchelors Brandied Fruit, for Hodgkin, or even as a bread crock or for flour storage.  You are just limited by your own imaginations but as long as it is reloved and put to good use.

Some scarf clips rescued from the local Charity shop.  I wear a lot of scarves so these will be very handy.

And a pretty stone chip necklace in greens and purples.  I do like this.

A couple of more pieces of the pretty green vintage glass that I am collecting.  Primarily to go with a Colclough Ivy china which I am also collecting the idea being that this pattern is ideal for Christmas dinner and the glass goes beautifully with it. Charity shops and car boots permitting.

Quite a large Victorian Ground Glass storage jar.  Picked this up for £1 - bargain.  I collect these too for the Pantry.

Two pottery candle lamps in case of power cuts. One can never be too careful.  I keep hanging my nose over some original oil lamps.  Maybe one day.

A meat platter  - Yellow  - I collect meat platters as well.  Come in handy when you have a houseful.

A beautiful blue glass cake stand.  Something else I collect.  Vintage looks so pretty on the tea table.

 This flour crock had a lid when I bought it - I managed to break it so it has now been turned into my pickled onion soaking pot. 

Three little shell and written word pictures for the bathroom as I have a seaside feel in there.

 So not bad and I haven't spent the earth.

Catch you soon.



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