Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Accidents do happen

Or maybe that should be things do not go quite right at all.  

First, apologies for my absence I have been having IT issues which now seem, to be resolving themselves a little although there are still a couple of more things to sort - like my pictures.  I need to sort out my photo albums and get them copied to then free up more space on the computer and my phone.  I just need a nice run of time to sit down and work through them -  time which I do not have at the moment, and as a result photos are likely to be scarce on here until I can. The photos are there they just will not download so it is something for me to sort out in the coming weeks and then attach later on.

Then there was the rhubarb fiasco - well nearly a fiasco - I had prepared the rhubarb in readiness for bottling and spending an evening dreaming, stirring, bottling and processing to put this much under-rated ingredient onto my pantry shelf for rhubarb crumble,rhubarb cheesecake and for use with yogurt for breakfast and something blew up which meant I could not process it.  By the time I got to it the following day it had started to ferment (it had been placed in a sugar syrup) so I have turned it into wine and it is now bubbling in the brewing bucket. (3 gallons to be precise). That was a near miss as I hate wasting stuff. Phew - but it is the sort of thing that tends to happen round here.

Fortunately I had more rhubarb so I have processed it and now have 8 jars or rhubarb for puddings sitting on the Pantry shelf.  I am hoping to get some more as I want to do some more bottled for puddings;  I did not get to the jam, so I would like to make that and also rhubarb and strawberry jam, some chutney and some rhubarb compote. I also managed to make some rhubarb cordial. That should be lush in champagne cocktails come Christmas. So I have been a little busy.

However it is set to get busier.  I have blueberries to bottle tonight.

Apricots are starting to come into season. I love Apricot jam and curd. Elderflower blossom is starting to flower and I want  to make Elderflower champagne, elderflower cordial, elderflower wine and a host of other preserves and also dry and freeze some for wine later on.  I think I am going to have to buy some more demijohns though because as well as the Elderflower wine., I have tinned peach wine and orange wine to process as well as a couple of wine kits.  My window cills are getting decidedly full.  The kitchen window cill has become a fermenting shelf.  I have also started off some sourdough starter to have a go with and I am quite interested in having a go at producing my own water and milk kefirs and I have a ginger beer plant on the go as well.  So I have not been sat on my laurels just up to my neck as usual.

On a slightly different tack I saw a beautiful antique pine cupboard at the weekend which was up for sale as a linen/food storage cupboard.  When I opened it up it smelt delightfully of lavender - so I think it was more suitable as  linen cupboard.  Unfortunately there is no room at the inn at the moment, but it has given me ideas for the future.  There were also a couple of antique grain chests which had been restored which would make lovely blanket chests for the bottom of the bed. Yet again no room but the wheels and cogs are starting to turn as I very much like free standing individual pieces, that are re-used and assimilated as storage in this day and age.  

I am also starting to collect embroidered pieces to make a quilt with - damaged tray cloths where the cloths are not perfect but where the embroidery can be re-utilised. I first saw the idea in a Cath Kidston craft book where she had in effect made a crazy patchwork bed cover but utilising the embroidered pieces as well as pretty vintage fabric.  It looked stunning, but as I had come across a few pieces recently for no more than £1 I thought I would start collating bits and pieces now.

Well its upwards and onwards.

Catch you later.




  1. my you have been very productive, our rhubarb wont be ready for picking until next year.
    I look forward to seeing your quilt when you start it :-)

  2. Hi Dawn

    Yes have been busy its tomatoes this weekend to bottle. I bought a box of over 10kg for £10 - it should have been dearer but the people I buy from cut me a deal every so often so I was quite chuffed. I have only just started to collect the embroidered items but I do have some of the fabric I intend using so will collect bits a little at a time. But I will show when I get there. Take care Pattypan x


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