Sunday, 17 May 2015

 I received a lovely email from Rebecca and just thought I would share.
Hi, I just thought I would send you an email to let you know how much I love reading your blog.   It has been an inspiration to me, I have started at the beginning and am upto jan 2013.  I hope you continue to write your wonderful posts as they bring joy and peace to my day. I tried to log onto blogger to leave a comment,  but it wouldn't let me. 

Kind regards, 


Rebecca hello and welcome I am glad that my "ramblings" are inspiring you.  Often it is posts from other bloggers that inspire me to do or write something or even try something.I am sorry that Blogger would not let you post - On checking I think that the settings are okay but if you have or if anyone else has problems let me know and I will look into this in more depth.
Writing this blog is a form of self-expression  and release for me - my take on things if you will. I need a gentle come down from the work I do on a daily basis and downing tools and having a go at something is a way of relaxing.  I am at my happiest when preserving or "putting food down" for the winter months.  In reality we eat whatever I make during the year but I always make sure that there are jars of this and that to give me more choice of ingredients come Christmas.  I think on the QT I am a frustrated farmer's wife without the farm.
To each and every one of you thank you for supporting my blog and my ramblings.
Take care 




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