Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Few Items for the Tea Table

This is not an advertisement for Wilkinsons but it does have some lovely items for decorating the tea table and at not too exorbitant prices as I found out just recently.  It also has some lovely practical items to help either make wine, cook, bake and generally is good all round value. I tend to use the store a lot especially for basic items and I always source my winemaking equipment and bits and bobs from there.

Last Christmas I had seen a slate glass domed cheese board at Lakeland which I did not manage to purchase because of the price (I think one was about £40 but I was very taken with it and would have purchased it if I could have).  I had not really until then considered slate for use on the dinner or tea table, but that one item made me look at slate in a different way.  In the run up to preparing for my mum's birthday celebrations I decided that I would have a look around for some items to add to making the table look more interesting as I always like the table to look nice and over the years I have managed to acquire some lovely pieces that mix and match with anything whether they be sourced from brand new or an acquisition picked up from the charity shop.  I look after things, and keep them safely as I was always bought up to be careful with items like this and also to make the table look nice.

I was due to do tea for the family for my mum's 80th birthday celebrations and I decided  to have strawberries and cream and also to do a little baking and  make some cup cakes and butterfly cakes, some coconut cheesecakes, some shortbread, some apple scone, cheese and bacon twists and sausage rolls (there were 9 destined for tea).  I had received some vouchers as a present and in an attempt to make the tea table look a little more attractive I decided to source and buy some new items.

I found some slate serving platters and  three tiered cake stands in Wilkinsons.  I bought two of each of these as well.

I also located some slate serving trays which will be ideal for savouries/sandwiches.  I bought two of these as well.

For the cupcakes I found a couple of Ferris Wheel display stands.

And yes - the ferris wheel does move. I bought two of these.

Sadly I was not well so it did not happen but the items will not go to waste and will fit in well with those items I already have.


  1. So sorry to hear you weren't well, I am sure it would have been a lovely party. The items you acquired look gorgeous, were they all from wilkinsons? Love Rebecca

    1. Hi Fluffy - thank you for your good wishes. From all accounts mum had a nice time. All the items were from Wilkinsons; the three tier cake stands were £10 each, the Ferris Wheel cake stands were £10 each, the slate boards were £5 each including the serving trays. They have lots of other practical stuff too at very reasonable prices. I tend to look in there first if I am after something as they always work out cheaper and better value. They are online as well so if you do not have one near you, you may be able to buy online. They have some lovely baking accessories and cake decorating bits and bobs as well. Hope you are okay. Take care




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