Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Another Attempt at Sourdough

So far I have tried twice with the Sourdough.  The first starter I did something wrong with and the second starter I had just got going nicely when mum was taken back into hospital and it denied of neglect.  So I having another go.  This time I  have made two starters and this time round hopefully I will get to make my loaf(loaves). I have given them names Bessie (of Bessie Bunter Fame) and Busty Bertha.  I hope both live up to their rather exotic names.  I am planning on getting the starters well under way before I use them but at the moment am planning a week on Saturday to make my first batch of bread.

As the saying goes third time lucky but at least I am learning what not to do with the Sourdough by doing exactly what I shouldn't through no fault of my own.

I have a  round Banneton basket in readiness together with a couple of dough scrapers.  I will probably get some more in due course if everything goes well.  The Dehydrator apparently is very good for helping bread to rise.

Catch you soon




  1. I tried with a starter a few years back and it went really well for about a year but then I neglected her too much.... good luck with yours x

  2. Good luck with your sourdough. I have to say it's not really to my taste. BRILLIANT tip about using the dehydrator for rising dough though!!! Why didn't I think of that?

  3. Hi Belleau. That's what happened with my starter - when mum became ill and I went into hospital to look after her it sadly got neglected but waa really feisty. I hope the two new girls will be just as lively. Hope you are keeping well take care and thanks for popping by. Pattypan x

  4. Hi BB

    Years ago cookers used to have warming drawers but you very rarely see them these days. I have recently bought the Excalibur Dehydrator 9 tray and I have plans to use it regularly in the bread making and also for salt dough ornaments, pot pourri, flax crackers etc. Because of the arthritis I have trouble with the kneading but have found if I make the dough in the bread maker and then shape and cook it separately it comes out quite well and a lot of people use the dehydrator for the bread making so I thought I would give it a whirl. Take care.


  5. Sounds like another pet!!! Never had a go but sour dough bread is yummy. MariAx

  6. Hi Dotty this one I can hide in a jar. Other half would have appoplexy if I bought any more animals into the house. I have six cats and a Jack Russell! I love Sourdough bread and its meant to be better for you than ordinary bread. Doctors have told me to have a healthier diet with no processed foods but if I make it myself you know whats going into it! Hope you are keeping well Pattypan x


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