Sunday, 13 September 2015

Getting Overwhelmed

Because I have hardly been home for the past 8 weeks the house is in a mess and I just feel overwhelmed by it.  It doesn't matter what I seem to do and I end up chasing my tail.  Now girl you have to get this in hand and perspective and do little by little  Tomorrow is  new day and I have to keep chipping away at things.

We did go to the tip today and got rid of some more rubbish which is a bonus but there is still loads more to go.  Keep chipping away keep positive you will get there in the end.

I haven't been in the mood to cook properly which is unlike me.  I set off with good intentions.  Like last night I got some pork loin out of the freezer for tonight's dinner and then could not face cooking a full lunch.  So I improvised and we have had roast pork and apple sarnies instead.  Not what I intended but hey ho still something to eat. (very nice they were too and there is plenty left for pack up tomorrow).

Now then where do we start..........

The dining room is done apart from the storage of furniture.  

Me thinks the bedroom is next - if I can get everything sorted in there and neatly sorted out so I can find it I stand a chance of getting  some of mum's furniture in there as well.

In my cleaning routine I usually start at the top of the house and work my way down.  So the bedroom it is then.  I will start that tomorrow.

Do any of you ever get overwhelmed and if you do how do you deal/solve it.  Would love to hear from you.

Take care and catch you soon.




  1. First thing is a list - if it's down on paper then I don't have to carry it round in my head, then I don't feel quite so overwhelmed, then it's small steps and focus until I can start crossing things off my list, but Patty give yourself some slack, you're going through a difficult time and everything will get sorted in time, hugs from me xxx

  2. Thank you Trudie that is a positive as one of the things that has also been worrying me is that I have been forgetting things. I did make a start with sorting some craft magazines last night popping them into a box to tidy them up until I get the time to go through and sort them properly. So little steps . Thank you. Pattypan x


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