Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday Ramblings

Good morning well it seems bright so far this morning a proper mellow start to the day.

Well the furniture seems to have come through unscathed overnight and the cats seem to think the way we have stacked everything is perfect and is their new climbing frame! Lets just say they all found a spot and seemed to be pretty comfortable when I went through first thing hardly stirring which is unusual for them. Its going to take me a few days to incorporate mum's bits room by room but hey ho Rome wasn't built in a day.

On closer inspection the blanket box has a tray with a box in the top what I believe is referred to as a candle box and  has beautiful dove tail joint features.  It does need a complete rub down and some attention but that can happen in due course.  I am now going to have somewhere to store some of my blankets, throws and quilts which is a win win as far as I am concerned. Especially as I nearly always have a crochet blanket or two on the go and still have plans for the patchwork quilts.  

We can only do what we can do however and for the past 8 weeks I have been otherwise occupied and hardly in my own home. However now that we are slipping into the darker nights I hope to get stuck in where I can a bit at a time and a room at a time.  This will also involve some decluttering of those items that no longer suit my needs and a thinning out of some of my books which is going to be extremely painful but does need doing especially as every so often I find new treasures but then again I am a person who uses books extensively.  I have tried with a kindle and although I see advantages it is just not a book and the whole experience well it just isn't the same.  Give me my books any day.

Mum and Dad liked books too although they had thinned out their collection by the time we came to sort mum's out.  However there are lots of LPs, Videos, CDs, DVDs and software etc.It was quite funny really as my brother and I were sorting out the LPs I remembered the first couple that my Dad had bought and I asked my brother if he remembered - he did which surprised me as he does not always remember things.  An album by a gentleman called Tony Mercer who was one of the "Black and White" Minstrels  and who had a lovely voice in his own right and a Hawaain music album.

I also have two crochet throws to complete.  My mum asked a while back if I would make a couple of lap throws for my Uncle and Aunt.  When she was admitted to hospital for the second time I started to work one of them and then ran out of wool and did not have an opportunity to go out and get more so I started the second one so both are partially done.  To tell you the truth whilst I was sat with mum it helped keep me sane because sometimes we would talk, often she would sleep but it gave me something to focus on and kept my hands busy  - my mind was more than busy in any event, but it is very soothing.  It is also a last gift from my mum to my Uncle and Aunt. 

Now I have loads to do so I had better go and get a wriggle on.OH has just taken Missy out for walkies and the cats need feeding.

Catch up soon.




  1. Bless you Patricia for finishing your mums work. I'm sure your Aunt and Uncle will be touched.
    Have a lovely week. xx

  2. Hi Emma Kate

    Its the only thing that kept me sane whilst in the hospital with my mum but it is also creating something positive and practical out of a not so good situation. My uncle and aunt have chosen the colours - a green and white throw for my uncle and a yellow gold and cream throw for my aunt. They have seen the partially worked blankets, As soon as they are done I have a blanket/throw for my friend at work - she is due her second child very shortly. Hope you are keeping well and I love the bag you are making with the needlepoint. Take care. Pattypan x


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