Wednesday, 30 September 2015

This n That

Well the early night certainly helped my head was not as bad this morning and by early afternoon the remnants were just hanging.  I think a lot of it was caused by tension as it was  different type of headache to what I normally get.  Still a migraine but not where I normally get it.

I have not done much this evening - tomorrow night will be different but I have rested up and I intend to have another early night tonight.  I have managed to do a little crochet on one of the rugs (Auntys rug.  Nearly at the end of that.  Once that is out the way will start on the baby blanket and then when that is done finish off Uncle's rug).

I have also been to Waitrose today to pick up a few bits tomorrow night I will get busy again but when I am not 100% it tends to come out in my cooking and I end up ruining things in any event. Today I found some red cabbage so I snaffled some to do some pickled cabbage as well. On my way to the tills I bumped into one of the Partners who was looking for chillis and could not find what he was looking for.  He looked in my basket and saw a lot of cabbage.  I think he thought I had a problem and so I had to reassure him that it was for pickling for Christmas.  He seemed relieved at that.

 I have also picked up Basil, thyme, oregano.  There are bay leaves and rosemary growing in the garden.Some chillis and lemons. 

The bottled cherry tomatoes and the pasta sauce will get dealt with tomorrow. I oven roast the tomatoes with herbs, onions, garlic thyme, basil and a touch of rosemary and lemon juice and then blitz everything in the food processor and then water bath.  If there is any Basil left I will make some homemade pesto and freeze it.

Waitrose are giving away a little free booklet entitled "Autumn" Harvest 2015.  There is rather a nice recipe in there entitled "Hot and spicy piccalilli" which recipe I am also going to try.  OH likes piccalilli so I am going to do two different batches. The River Cottage version which has been the best recipe yet and then this spicier version. There is also a recipe for Pickled Pears which yet again is very different. And also Plum and apple jam a necessary ingredient for the home baker.  In fact the whole booklet is a little gem and I like the sound of the Pear and candied pecan ice cream.  Might have to give that and one or two of the other recipes in there a whirl.  Sound really scrummy.

I have also picked up Woman and Home Feel Good Food the best of Autumn.  There are some seriously good recipes in here including Apple and almond cake.  Now that one and Parkin with apple and star anise and pear plum and ginger crumble cake and plum and marzipan cake really do appeal.  

I intend if OH goes fishing this weekend to make a Dundee Cake and a Christmas Cake.; that way the cakes can be fed in good time.  I have plenty of apples so may well make some more mincemeat in any event and some Apple Pop and maybe some ginger beer!

Right am going to do a little bit more crochet.

Catch you soon.



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