Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday Roundup

I am having major problems with the Internet at the moment.  We both have new mobile phones, and we have also received a new hub and Tivoli box.  Yesterday OH contacted the provider, he was told what to do and subsequently did it.  Since then the Internet has been particularly slow in the case of my lap top which I write this blog from; so it may be a bit hit and miss with me being able to get on to actually write posts, but if it does not get any better the provider will be coming out to look at the set up because its the worst its ever been at the moment, so If I am not around  - I will be as soon as I can.

Today has been busy in that I have had chores to attend to  - the washing  - and I have got most of it dried out in the fresh air which I am quite pleased about, pottering in the kitchen.  Oh bought me some horseradish roots so they are soaking at the moment then they will get grated and then popped into ice cube trays with a little water so that I can add it fresh to home made horseradish sauce and also "Tewksbury Mustard".  This mustard has the horseradish added and is not the mustard ball referred to in a previous post.  I am still going to experiment there.  Loads to do as usual  - will get there eventually.

I have also located some Rowan berries to make Rowan Berry Jelly  and some Rosehips to make Rosehip Jelly and also Rosehip Syrup and also to dry some Rosehip shells so that they can be ground down into a powder for adding to dishes - it supposedly is a good way of giving you a vitamin boost during the winter months and bearing in mind because of my medical conditions my immune system is not the best I am going to do whatever I can to keep myself healthy.  If it works for me all well and good if it doesn't at least what I am using is natural  and it does no harm to have a vitamin c boost every so often especially when you have a stinking cold.

I still not have managed to locate any crab apples or Quinces.

I had a flu jab at work the other day as well, although my arm was a litlte sore afterwards I did not feel the needle go in (I am phobic) so that was another good job dealt with.

I am still missing mum terribly but she would be pleased that I am trying to deal with potential difficulties head on rather than not acknowledging them and making out they do not exist and sticking one's proverbial head in the sand.  Sometimes though I have to really gather all my strength together to deal with what to some would be a minor problem.  There's just some things I am not good at  - and I end up procrastinating and putting the evil day off so it then becomes a strong learning curve as well which I then end up fretting about.  

The mustard is finished and potted.

The red cabbage is salted and will be finished tomorrow night.


I did not have time to deal with the Horseradish this evening so that has been re-scheduled for tomorrow  morning before I go to work or more likely tomorrow evening.  It has been washed well and is in the bottom of the fridge before I pop it through the food processor then stand back to let the fumes die down they can be lethal.  It is recommended to put in  fridge at least an hour before grating to help stop the overpowering fumes.

I also got two nets of Shallots yesterday so they have also been added to the work pile and I have some cheap sweet apples which I am going to turn into a sweet chutney.  Will have to get Parsnips and Swede at the end of the month to make Chutney and also to freeze down the Parsnips for roasting and also to make carrot and swede crush one of our favourites.

I will cook some Apricot jam tomorrow night.  I always make some Apricot Jam from fresh Apricots but I also make it from dried.  I need it for my Christmas Cake (to help stick the Marzipan down to the cake) which I will start this weekend - I leave my fruit to soak for a couple of days prior to making.  I was going to do the puddings as well but I think I need the new bowls first so they will be made a little later on once bought.

We walked Missy down the river.  It was a lovely evening and there was still plenty of warmth in the sun and its always nice to escape and stretch your legs.

We had a very nice home made Lasagne for tea which went down very well.

Right better get ready for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



P.S.  I could not find the grater for my food processor its all in a tub somewhere so I set to with the fine side of a box grater - I managed to get six compartments of an ice cube tray full - they are currently in the freezer but the fumes nearly knocked my head off.  I was very pleased with the texture.  The rest of the roots are in the fridge I will find the grater for the machine tomorrow.  I was in tears



  1. I have to say, Horseradish is not for me. I bet it does make you weep if it's that strong and pungent when grated. It sounds like you are doing well with all your planned preserves anyway. I have lots of windfall apples here, and we need to pick the cooking apple tree too and stack them in boxes down in the larder to see us through the winter.

    I have some small grapefruit to turn into something too (bought them by mistake thinking they were oranges - as you do!!)

    I hope your internet system starts working properly again soon.

  2. Hi BB

    I had intended to use my food processor but I have popped all the utensils into a plastic box and now cannot locate it hence me having a go at the hand grating. The ever increasing pile of making stuff is still in progress. I would be in my element with apple trees and a garden like yours. How about Grapefruit curd, or Grapefruit Cordial. If you need a recipe yell and I will pop them up for you. Still having problems with the Internet its a bit hit and miss but we will get there. Whole system is the worst it has ever been. If you have some melon and prepare it in cubes together with the grapefruit in slices and make a light sugar syrup and pop the fruit into it with a dash of lime juice it make a very lovely dessert and freezes well. Take care.




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