Friday, 27 November 2015

Another Recce

Yesterday I did another recce of a couple of shops in Peterborough.  A £ shop in the Rivergate Centre which had quite a lot of practical bits and bobs for next to nothing but I always check the £ shops out as quite often they have bits and bobs a lot cheaper than anywhere else so I go there first and if its cheaper I purchase otherwise I do not. 

The other shop I went into was Iceland.  I used to use them regularly because its the extra bits and bobs not in the freezers that are really usually good prices. However I have not been in for quite a little while.  I am glad I popped in.  I was quite impressed with the Christmas goodies so I shall be going and getting some bits and bobs from there.  Quite a nice range of things the dearest thing being about £12 and that was Sea Bass.  Will need to sort the big freezer out a bit before I go as I have quite a few things I want to get done in the run up to Christmas. Wherever you can save the pennies is a bonus as it means you can stretch what you have that bit more. 

I have also bought a few more bits from the Polish shop round the corner and the Asian paper shop.  Not specifically Christmas orientated but it will come in useful then.  I must say I am having fun trying to work out what is in the packaging of some of the bits and bobs.  So far not doing too badly.  A lot of the bits are going up towards the Christmas box.

I have also bought some more reduced veggies, some Chanteney carrots, some courgettes, and some bananas which I thought I might turn into banana cake and then freeze it.  Will come in handy Still plenty to do.

I am also trying to do a minimum of two pattern repeats on my scarf I am knitting (16 rows [8 rows per pattern] of an evening.  Last night I did 32 rows; it is growing steadily and I am quite chuffed with how I am getting on just pacing myself.  I am going to keep plugging away at it and hopefully learn how to use my mum's brother chunky and four ply/double knitting wool machines.  They will be coming home tomorrow.

Here is the link for the pattern which is a free one off of Ravelry.

I am also lining up a cowl and some fingerless mittens to do as well all in cream wool.  I think we are going to need scarves, gloves etc. to keep warm this coming January I think it is going to be a real cold one. 

Its wet horrible and freezing here in Peterborough and blowing  a bit of a hooley and I have the heating on as I have gone cold on the inside which is never a good sign.

Busy weekend again as usual.  No peace for the wicked.

Catch up with you shortly



Right must get a wriggle on.


  1. That's a nice scarf Tricia. I started playing about with that pattern recently for something but then crochet took over.

    You are getting very organized for Christmas. I have just begun to make a few pots of stuff as gifts, but keep getting sidetracked by other jobs which really MUST be done. Then there are the crafts . . .

  2. Hi BB

    I am not really a knitter - get too bored with it but I needed something to be able to pick up and put down. Plain knitting I get bored with but I have quite enjoyed doing this so far. I am not as organised as I would like to be having to make the most of what have managed to do but there was quite a lot more that I had intended doing. Still looking for a house with a whopping big Pantry. I know all about jobs that must be done now - usually generated by OH whose timing is not very good. Hope you are okey cokey. Take care





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