Tuesday, 17 November 2015


One of the things that I love doing is browsing food shelves to see what kind of ingredients there are on the shelves (I know I am  little sad but there is a perfectly good reason for this).  I check out their produce some we try and if we like then it is for me to find a recipe and either make my own and store at home or decide its going to be one of those items that  I do actually buy.  I like cooking and I like making sure that my loved ones are well fed and have plenty to eat.

M & S in the Queensgate Centre in Peterborough is being refurbished.  They have more or less modernised the food hall downstairs and laid it out differently. It looks nice and I am sure it will be by the time that is finished.  I like M & S's products but I do not always like the prices.  So what I do is check out the items I am interested in and then I start looking for recipes to make my own. This is really where I get my inspiration from.  Seeing something and the way that it has been used which then has the effect of sparking an addition or amendment or my own take on things.  I do in particular like their Cornish Cruncher Cheese it really is a lovely strong cheddar that I absolutely love.

Today I passed the bread counter in M & S.  They had focaccia at £5 to £6 for a single (that's what it said on the shelf).  It made me wonder quite seriously who would pay that for focaccia. Especially when it is so easy to make at home plus by making it at home you can choose your own flavourings.  It is not expensive to make.  You can use roasted onions, roasted leeks, pepper, pesto, parmesan cherry tomatoes walnuts and blue cheese.  Its an Italian recipe for a different version of your daily bread. What a good way to use up items on a reduced counter i.e. that packet of ham, those cherry tomatoes, those fried or roasted onions.  Really the choice is yours but don't forget the herbs they make it very aromatic.

Here is the link if you want to have a go yourself. It really does taste gorgeous.  It is not difficult at all - lets put it this way you will get more than one focaccia for £6! 

I hope you dip your toe in the water and have a go it really is worth it. 

Catch you soon.




  1. Hi I tried to look at the link, but couldn't access it for some reason. I love the food from Marks and Spencer and always have a look in when passing, but don't always buy! love fluffy

  2. Hi Fluffy try it again. Its been working for me. If you highlight the link and click on it on the screen should take you through to the post. Or alternatively highlight the link it should be underlined when you put mouse over it and a little box underneath will ask you if you want to go to the link. Hope it works this time. Otherwise if you type in Focaccia under the search tab it should bring up a list of all those posts with the word Focaccia or Foccacia in - I would try both spellings.

    Take care




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