Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas - Food Items

I thought I would keep a check list for the items prepared/bought in the run up to Christmas so that I can keep tabs on what I have done and what I need to do.  I know I am lucky and  that I probably have a little more than most. But if I make jam or chutney or anything else  - I do tend to share things as well.  This post is more an aide memoire for me rather than to make anyone feel uncomfortable but I do squirrel away goodies for special occasions bought as cheaply as I can just by putting up a few bits here and there.  A lot of the items are not just for Christmas but also me stocking up for items that I use regularly throughout the year that is another reason  whyI make so much myself.  getting more for my money  For instance the Arctic rolls were on offer at £1 apiece as were the Viennettas.  They are not something that we usually have, but occasionally it perks you up to have something different.

This list constitutes all the different ways of storage in one composite list for ease of access for me more than anything else:

  1. 2KG Brussell Sprouts (Split into 8 good sized 2 portion bags)
  2. 5 x 500g of Cherry tomatoes
  3. 3kg Black Plums (bought for making Chutney and Jam but busy so froze as a short term measure).
  4. 2 x Viennettas
  5. 2 x Arctic Rolls
  6. 4 x 500g Mixed Summer Fruits
  7. 2 x Chesnut Mousse Terrine


  1. Bottled Blackcurrants
  2. Bottled Plums
  3. Bottled Strawberries


  1. Strawberry Jam
  2. Lemon Marmalade
  3. Seville Orange Marmalade
  4. Plum and Apple Jam
  5. Jumbleberry Jam
  6. Lemon Jelly
  7. Orange Jelly
  8. Rosehip Jelly
  9. Rowan Jelly
  10. Apple Jelly


  1. Picallili
  2. Norwich Apple Chutney
  3. Plum and Apple Chutney
  4. Pickled Onions
  5. Pickled Shallots
  6. Pickled Red Onion
  7. Pickled Beetroot
  8. Pickled Cucumber
  9. Pickled Peppers
  10. Pickled Red Cabbage
  11. Pickled Chilli Peppers
  12. Pickled Eggs
  13. Onion Marmalade
  14. Pickled Mushrooms
  15. Pickled Gherkins
  16. Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil


TBC not comprehensive


  1. We were talking of Christmas food last and I asked hubby what he wants the only thing he could come up with was a bag of potato chips that he can munch while watching a bit of TV so thats my christmas food shop sorted :-)

  2. Hello my lovely PP, how do you want me to contact you? I can't seem to find your email address on your pages. I'll see if I still have your email in my Yahoo account. Yarrow.x

  3. Hi Yarrow

    I have emailed you found your email address I think.




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