Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Missy Is Home

Our cheeky happy little dog is now back home with us and she appears to be doing extremely well.  Has an upside down lampshade on her head - apparently they cut the corner of the eye to get everything out and in and then stitch her up again so the collar is there as much as anything to stop her getting at it.  The Nursing staff and Doctors have been marvellous with her and they all thought her a happy little soul - which she is generally.  Has  whole raft of medication to take as well.  Its good she is home.  Now I have to do just one thing and then she is truly home.

Our fur baby is rather partial to a cup of tea.

So I am off to make her one.

Catch you soon.




  1. Bless her - glad she's back home safely with you xxx

  2. Thank you everyone. She is crashed out on the day bed in the computer room with blanket over her keeping her warm - OH is in there. She hasn't quite got the hang of the collar yet but I think that will come keeps crashing it into the pavement. We can only walk her for 10 minutes at a time to start with. Very frustrating for Missy as she is used to being off the lead and as free as a spirt. Licked me to death when she saw me. Bless her heart. Its good she is home.


  3. I'm so glad she is home safe and sound again my dear. All is well with your world tonight.

  4. Thank you Dotty and thank you BB

    We are pleased to have her home and she has been doing a fair mount of licking us to death, getting comfortable and sprawling. She is finding the collar frustrating though and she hasn't worked out how to drive it yet. She crept back in bed with me this morning after OH had gone to work and was quite comfy thank you very much. Has been having trouble eating with it though so we are with her when she eats and angling the plate so she gets her grub. Its daft but its like being awake until the teenagers get in from that late party. Once you care you just cannot turn it off. Take care. Pattypan x


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