Saturday, 21 November 2015

Saturday Round Up

Boy is it bitter out there.  We have just walked Missy in the dark.  Its a beautiful clear night and we wrapped up warmly I needed some fresh air although not the cold.  The moon is clear but there is a definite ring around the moon which is an indicator of frost.  Whilst walking Missy we came across a fox on the pavement sat down watching us but as he saw Missy near he moved off stopped a bit turned round sat down and looked at us continuing to do this whilst we advanced along the pavement.  Cheeky little so and so did not seem phased or worried by us at all.  We decided to err on the side of caution and then turned and came away as Missy still has her medical collar on.  She is more than likely to have a go if anything had happened (she is very feisty)  but that's not what we wanted.  We want her eye to heal properly without incident which thus far the Vets are very pleased with her progress.  There are a lot of rabbits down where we walk Missy she usually chases them so I assume the Fox was looking for his supper.

I must say it was lovely walking into a warm house especially after the bitter cold outside. And I had turned the heating down before we went out.  I think perhaps going out has warmed me up a bit.  When we went to mum in the village  this morning it was 3 degrees and it was blowing a hooley. An easterly hooley.   Very rough one of the fence panels came out but OH and my brother sorted it out between them re-positioning the fence panel back in its grooves.  Mum and Dad had concrete posts popped in to give strength to the fence.  It was false economy to do anything else.  It feels colder now but my phone is telling me that it is 9 degrees.

I have spent the bulk of the day with my brother on my own and we have worked well again together sorting things out and having  a pile for the charity items as well.  We have been chatting away and talking generally.  It has been lovely but it turns out that both of u love listening to the radio.  Our Mum and Dad used to regularly have the radio on and if I am in the house on my own I frequently have it on.  He does the same usually when he is working in his garage.  Apparently my sister in law is not as enthusiastic.  However for me Radio still plays a big part in my life as I love listening to it.

I have bought lots of bedding and towels back with me from mums.  My brother and I have split everything equally between us.  Its the fairest way and we have managed to agree everything between us.  That is a blessing as you hear so many horror stories.  He like me thinks its a waste of time to disagree over things because they are only things and life is so much more than that.  Both of us think it would be disrespectful to both mum and dad to do so.  Its not the way we have been raised.
We had a change of plan for tea as Mince did not seem to be defrosting properly so OH is in charge in the kitchen cooking tea and we are having a Saturday night fry up.  Once he has finished I can go in and do what I planned on doing i.e. start the Christmas Puddings, start the Mincemeat  I have apples to use up, I also have some sweet potato and swede to blanch and freeze down for use in stews, soups and with the carrot and swede crush which we are very fond of.  As I have said before I do not like waste and I like to make sure there is plenty to eat in the house.  I can make something out of nothing but OH not as skilled although he is not a bad cook.  Tea went down very well.

He has come back with three packs of 2 teaplate sized crumpets so we will have them for a little bit of supper later on.  They were reduced but we are both fond of crumpets so that will go down nicely.

So all in all not a bad day when although it does not look like it we have actually done quite a lot.

Right off to do some more.

Catch you soon.




  1. Really feel for you both sorting out your mums, as you know I had the same thing earlier this year. So lovely that you and your brother have sorted it so amicably - too many family squabbles happen. As my brother lives so far away, and he was insistent he wanted nothing at all except black and white negatives I managed to sort the lot with help from hubby.
    It's an emotional time isn't it? Lots of happy and some sad memories too. Wishing you well in your endeavours - and of course finding places for all those things we cannot bear to part with!
    Rose H

  2. Hi Rose and Hugs; yes I know sweetheart and I feel for you. Its been an emotional time and a lot of memories have come to the fore and my brother and I have been sharing those memories and talking about them too. Sometimes funny sometimes sad its all part of the rich tapestry of life and whilst they are still alive in our hearts they are not gone. Its just you cannot hold them and cannot smell them - the tactile bit. Its been difficult having to choose but we have I think both chosen pieces where the memories are strong and we each have a different take on things and what we like which has helped us sort things out well between us. We always told our mum and dad when they were alive that we would not fight over things. There is no need. You please take care - I hope things are okay with you, as you have been a little quiet.

    Take care sweet Rose.





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